Friday Jun 02, 2023

10 unconventional perks companies are offering remote workers – Waco Tribune-Herald


Working remotely requires the same equipment as working in an office—a functional desk space and chair, high-speed internet, phone, computer, office supplies, etc.—but not all employers provide financial assistance to help employees set up or maintain a home office. According to the 2020 Owl Labs State of Remote Work Report, only 20% to 25% of employers pay or help pay for home office essentials.

Whether it is monthly, annually, or a one-time amount, a stipend to establish a functional workspace is a definite perk for remote workers. Employers like Twitter, Google, and Facebook provide a one-time payment of $1,000 for each employee. Basecamp, a project management software company, gives employees $100 each month to rent a coworking space. Other employers offer a monthly allowance for internet and other operational expenses.


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