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20 Interior Design Trends Here To Stay In 2022 – Forbes


What’s here to stay for 2022

Lemieux Et Cie

Nearly two years into the pandemic, we are still spending more at home than we have in previous years. So the way our living spaces look has become more important than ever. But design isn’t exclusive to aesthetics anymore— functionality has become essential. These two factors have been the biggest influences on interior design trends.  

I spoke with some of the top interior designers, furniture designers, and experts in the industry to learn what the top interior design trends of 2022 will be. While many of the trends we saw in 2021 have come and gone, there are some which are here to stay. How long these looks will remain popular for is another question altogether. From how we live in our homes, to colors and the overall looks that will dominate, here are twenty interior design trends here to stay for 2022.

Great Rooms

A great room

Pure Salt Interiors

As functionality becomes more important, great rooms will see a resurgence in new and renovated homes in 2022, explains Aly Moford of Pure Salt Interiors. “We’re seeing a shift away from formal living spaces that resulted in unused rooms, and instead, we are prioritizing great rooms where the entire family can lounge and entertain now that we are able to gather again.”

 The interior designer notes that although these spaces are designed to be functional, practicality doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of aesthetics. “We love to invest in a great room with great quality pieces that suit your lifestyle and tastes. The key is to balance aesthetic and practicality, for example, a linen sofa or layered rugs that feel rich and textured yet relaxed and fill the space with softness that makes you want to spend time in it.”


Dakota Jackson Chess Table

Dakota Jackson


Bid adieu to boring and beige in 2022. More is more again. “Goodbye monochromatic neutrals and minimalist design,” says Roxy Owens Founder and Designer of Society Social. “Now more than ever we are seeing a return to cozy and warm interiors. Think beautifully layered spaces, a mix of prints, patterns, and colors, delicious wallpapers, textures, pleated and patterned lampshades as well as bespoke textiles.” 

Part of this will also be, as legendary designer Dakota Jackson calls it, bold statements.“Breaking through the silence of the times. With ample opportunity for reflection; a break with the past and finally a leap into the 21st Century. Bold statements— a look to the now, nostalgia a remnant of the past. I am dreaming of a rebirth of wonder and a melding of function and elegance. We’ll see springtime bursts of color, the incorporation of more art, and greater freedom to exercise personal tastes after this extended period of introspection,” he says.

Traditionally Inspired Interiors

Amelia Scalloped Wicker Table from Society Social

Lawrence Te

There’s no better way to go maximalist than with a traditionally inspired interior. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean an abundance of floral prints or going full-on Grandma. Interior designer Ariel Okin tells me these can also be more subtle …….


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