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4.80a Vehicle Usage – Regulation – City of Boise


Document Type: Regulation
Number: 4.80a
Effective: 05-01-06
Revised: 10-01-06, 01-01-09, 04-01-09, 03-23-12, 08-04-14, 01-08-21, 11-01-21
Legal Ref: I.C. § 49-117, I.C. § 49-673, I.C. § 49-1401



Some city staff need to travel by vehicle to perform their job duties, either because the vehicle has special equipment, is a special type of vehicle, or they occasionally need to travel. This regulation governs the use of city vehicles and personal vehicles used for work purposes. Staff who are required to have a commercial driver’s license should refer to the commercial driver’s license policy and regulation for additional requirements.
This regulation applies to all city employees, elected and appointed officials, and volunteers, collectively referred to as staff.


The city has a need for vehicles to be available on a short-term basis to transport city staff to conduct city business. A consolidated motor pool furthers the city’s Strategic Plan Initiative to reduce the fleet to an optimal size, contain costs and make more efficient use of city financial resources and transportation assets. Vehicles identified as under-utilized by Fleet Services may be placed in the consolidated motor pool. Proceeds generated from the sale of administrative vehicles will supplement the cost of the consolidated motor pool. All city pool vehicles shall be signed out prior to use. The use of city vehicles should have priority over use of private vehicles when conducting city business.


Consolidated motor pools have initially been established at Boise City Hall and City Hall West with broadened availability to be phased in for other locations over time.

The types of vehicles available for use include, but are not limited to, sedans, pick-ups and vans. Other vehicle types may be added in the future.

Based on the city’s regulation that city staff do not use their personal vehicles to conduct city business without their Department Director’s authorization, use of the automated reservation system will be maximized. If available, vehicles can be obtained at any time without a reservation using the “Grab and Go” feature.

Special reservation requirements should be coordinated with Fleet Services. Staff needing the use of a motor pool vehicle will report to the established consolidated motor pool location to pick up reserved vehicles. They will enter their computer sign-on password on the touch-screen kiosk and it will dispense the vehicle ignition key and initiate a check-out time. Returning the key to the automated dispenser will initiate a check-in time. The check-out time and check-in time will be used as the basis for invoicing.

Consolidated motor pool vehicles must be returned to the same facility by the end of the reserved period. Staff requiring a vehicle overnight to perform authorized city business must obtain written authorization from their Department Director or designee prior to checking out the vehicle. Fleet Services should be notified electronically prior to check-out.

Personal use of pool vehicles is NOT allowed.


An hourly rental rate has been established and any changes will coincide with the biennial budget build. A minimum two-hour charge per rental will apply to each rental and a maximum charge of 10 hours within a 24-hour period.

The rental rate includes costs for:

Vehicle maintenance
Fuel consumption<…….


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