Friday Feb 03, 2023

7 Rooms in Your House Worth Investing In the Most – GOBankingRates


2. Primary Bathroom

Now that you have a brief primer for investing in guest bathrooms and half baths, it’s time to turn your attention to the primary bathroom. 

Opendoor’s 2022 Home Decor Report said that 66% of homebuyers are turned off by outdated bathrooms. This makes the primary bathroom the second most important room in your home. (We’ll get to number one shortly!)

The primary bathroom may be the second most important room in a home, but it’s also easy to neglect it.

“Bathrooms can easily be neglected because many homeowners have multiple bathrooms and they get overwhelmed by the thought of investing in two or three bathrooms,” de Jong said. “And similar to kitchens, not all homebuyers are willing to foot the bill of a renovation post-closing.”

Much like the subtle touches made to a guest bathroom, primary bathrooms really only need smaller, cost-effective updates. Start by changing knobs and handles, swap out your shower curtain and switch up any art on the walls.

“Besides the kitchen, bathrooms are the most valuable upgrade,” said Wells. “They can easily become dated and buyers enjoy seeing an improvement in this area of the home if done in a tasteful way. Homeowners tend to enjoy relaxing in the primary bedroom so upgrades in this area of the house are valuable to most.”

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