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8 Ways to Balance Your Home Life and Remote Work (And Stay Productive) – Entrepreneur


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Even though most of us feel our lives have returned to normal since 2020, many aspects of life across the globe have seen a radical transformation. The most obvious of these might be the workplace. According to the Pew Trust, six in 10 U.S. workers are still working remotely. About that same number are choosing to work at home. For many, this transition has its challenges. But there are strategies to making a work-at-home life more fulfilling and productive.

Switch work-mode off

The most prominent hill to climb marks a firm boundary between work hours and home time. While it’s true that employers value the flexibility remote employees bring to the company, it’s tempting to check text messages or emails for those who work at home. Boundaries are essential in life, and the most critical limit for remote workers is drawing that line in the sand.

During the pandemic, school students complained that they were sitting in front of a computer for over seven hours of instruction plus an hour or three to complete homework. This round-the-clock mentality is not healthy for kids and is not fit for those of us making a living from a home office.

One suggestion to combat this is to set the alarm precisely when work is scheduled to end every day. This can remind us that the day is not all about work. Another option is to set a voicemail that includes what times you’re available to callers. Switching our mindset from work to rest is essential; however, it’s just as important to spend our free time not worrying about work.

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Beat the time crunch

Burnout is common when working from home. Maybe we feel the stress of being on alert trying to hit a deadline while longing for our time to decompress.

As the leader of a company, employees need to set their hours and firm boundaries. When workers can create their office hours and set those boundaries, they are healthier and happier. These are simple moves that keep employees on the job and help everyone’s productivity at the same time. Who hasn’t had a brilliant idea while hiking, skiing, or simply meeting friends for dinner and having a deep conversation? Treating employees like whole people is important, and it’s just as essential for us to treat ourselves that way.

Having lists and schedules are also great ways to stay on track. Staying organized can give us the more personal time we crave even as we’re meeting deadlines for work. Sketching a layout of the day on paper, even in a journal or on a whiteboard, can help us use time efficiently. Seeing our lists dwindle to the last item can be rewarding and help us transition to that needed time away from work.

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Improvise the workspace

Many of us feel like our home office lacks personality and efficiency. When that happens, it may be time for a makeover. Working in a chaotic space like a messy living room or dirty kitchen can be distracting. Having a spot where we can feel productive and stress-free is essential.

For some, working from home is too quiet. In that case, white …….


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