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Covid restrictions might have been lifted, but not everyone is returning to the office full time. While the Office for National Statistics reports that only 12 per cent of people worked exclusively from home in the past seven days (compared to 26 per cent in January 2022), many Britons are now on a hybrid working basis.

Whether you now work fully remote or not, ensuring your home office setup is as safe as possible for backs, necks and eyes is imperative. Poor posture can make you feel terrible and may cause pain in your joints, muscles and ligaments due to prolonged and abnormal loads, says Julian Keel, a chiropractor at Barnes Chiropractic Healthcare.

His clinic has seen the impact of poor working from home setups since the Covid pandemic. “As a chiropractor working in London, many of my clients who usually commute into the City have been working at home in recent months, and I have seen many more coming in during the last two years with back, neck and headache issues associated with their work-at-home posture and practices,” he says.

Working from home in a safe and comfortable posture is possible, but those using laptops, which were originally designed only for short-term work, should consider adding a laptop stand or riser to their home office. These can prevent you from looking down at the screen for lengthy periods, which can be tiring and painful for neck muscles.

“A laptop stand or riser can bring the height of the screen more to eye level so you can maintain better neck posture,” Keel says. “It may mean using a separate mouse and keyboard too so that these are at the level of the desk for your hands, arms and shoulders to be in a comfortable position. They can also give the option of working while standing.”

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Here’s our roundup of the best laptop stands and risers to help you create a safe, posture-promoting and comfortable work from home setup.

How we tested

We found a range of home office accessories to help put your laptop in the correct position for safe home-working. There are foldable stands for different laptops, risers that also hold other accessories and a nifty stand that will allow a regular table or desk to be converted into a standing desk. We’ve rated each on quality, ease of use and how they supported us in our quest for the perfect work-from-home environment.

The best laptop stands for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Twelve South hirise: £61.29,
  • Best for different angles – Amazon brand eono laptop stand: £38.99,
  • Best value for money – Jysk mern laptop support: £17.50,
  • Best sustainable option – Woodsmithsstudio wooden laptop riser: £24,
  • Best for gamers – Trust GXT1125 quno laptop cooling stand: £39.99,
  • Best standing workstation – HumbleWorks stan1: £199,
  • Best static laptop stand – Twelve South curve: £44.99,
  • Best for unique design – Equal Peaks paramount laptop stand: £29.99,
  • Best compact design – Amazon basics foldable laptop stand: £15.42,

Twelve South hirise

Best: Overall

Rating: 9.5/10

Creating an ergonomic home working setup should result in a space that looks just …….


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