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An administrative assistant job description describes both the employer and the job, in addition to defining a highly-qualified candidate. It should be descriptive and informative, and filter for candidates who can and want to do the job.

If the job responsibilities and qualifications sections are unclear, then you will attract unqualified candidates and repel the ideal ones. A poor job description can also increase turnover, as employees will leave if you sell them on one job and give them something other than what was described.

Your job description should include a short, informative job brief, followed by a descriptive list of responsibilities and qualifications (both required and preferred). Lastly, don’t forget to add any legally required language.

Job Brief

A job brief provides job seekers with top-level details about the job, and a sample of the duties and expectations that come with it. Here is where you will list the title of the job, who the AA reports to, day-to-day responsibilities, skills and qualifications, location (hybrid, remote or in person), travel requirements and other unique details about the job.

For those who do offer remote work, you should mention the number of days workers are expected to work at home versus in the office.


The job responsibilities section should provide candidates with a thorough list of duties that they are expected to complete. Something simple such as “provides administrative support” can be interpreted in many ways. But “provides administrative support, such as entering data into the CRM, copying contracts and keeping meeting notes” doesn’t leave a lot of room for the imagination. Candidates don’t have to wonder if this job is right for them.

Here are examples of common responsibilities for administrative assistants:

  • Maintain, organize and order general office supplies, including paper, pens, ink/toner, etc., to ensure teams have everything they need to succeed
  • Greet and sign in visitors, guide them to the appropriate location and make them feel at home
  • Manage and organize the team schedule using Google Calendar
  • Book travel arrangements for executive staff
  • Keep detailed meeting notes
  • Answer and direct phone calls

Skills and Qualifications

The goal of your skills and qualifications sections is to filter for the candidates with most, if not all, of the skills and qualifications that are required to do the job. It needs to be thorough, with little room for interpretation; someone should be able to determine quickly if they are qualified for the job. You should limit this section to only the skills and qualifications that are relevant to the job because a long list can be intimidating and steer good candidates away.

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Valid driver’s license and passport
  • X years experience as an executive-level administrative assistant in the [industry of choice]
  • Experience working with multi-function printers, including the ability to scan documents and send them as an email attachment, configure copy settings and perform light maintenance tasks such as replacing toner cartridges
  • Experience with office productivity suites such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • Experience with CRM platforms such as Salesforce
  • Strong multitasking and organizational skills

Preferred Qualifications

It’s important to distinguish between what skills and qualifications applicants are required to have, and those that are nice to have. If you group them together, an …….


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