Friday Feb 03, 2023

Amazon Has an Entire Section Devoted to Work-from-Home Essentials – PEOPLE


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Many of us are over a year into working from home, having swapped lengthy commutes for leisurely making coffee at home. And while that’s provided plenty of time to build out a home office, it’s quite possible that you’re still working from the kitchen table or typing away from a couch that’s comfortable for lounging (but not working). Rather than generate even more neck pain, it’s well worth the investment in your home and your body to craft a space that’s both functional and comfortable.

Luckily, Amazon has an entire section devoted to work-from-home essentials, geared to transforming even the smallest of areas into a bona fide professional space. The section includes everything from the obvious, like desks and chairs, to the things you likely took from granted in the physical office, like printers, staplers, shredders, and legal pads. All that and more can be found here, with prices starting at just $6. 

Here are the 21 best Amazon work from home essentials to shop right now:

If you’ve barely got a home office setup, start with the basics. You’ll need a bright desk lamp, along with an ergonomic desk chair that won’t cause lower back pain. If you’d prefer to stand all day rather than sit, opt for this adjustable standing desk that can actually be lowered to seating height; make sure to also invest in an 639fafbf39fbf04d2d8cf96dd58bf&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl” title=”anti-fatigue mat” context=”body” sid=””/] complete with a soft foam core that not only improves balance and posture but also reduces stress on your joints.

While it’s possible you may have already invested in essential home office equipment, there’s a good chance you haven’t decorated the space. And you won’t have to spend tons of money to do so. You could simply prop an indoor plant by the window to brighten up the area or set down a colorful accent rug. Or consider installing a set of floating shelves on the wall and filling them with cute accessories and succulents.

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