Sunday Dec 04, 2022

Amplex Internet expanding high-speed internet services to rural areas to meet growing needs for connectivity – WTOL


The pandemic highlighted the need for reliable internet access. From students to people working from home, Amplex says its expansion will help close the gap.

LUCKEY, Ohio — In an era when the internet is a necessity for so many, Amplex Internet in Pemberville wants to provide rural areas with affordable high-speed service.

The company has been around for about 25 years. This year, it has its eye on expanding in the middle of cornfields, the countryside and areas where it’s hard to access service. 

“I moved to this area with my wife [around 1994] and it was really the start of the internet as far as dial-up and popular for people to get online with. And there was really nothing out here,” Mark Radabaugh, the President of Amplex Internet, said.

Radabaugh says he didn’t have many options back then, so he improvised.

He connected phone lines to computer equipment in his basement and developed his internet service. 

And it’s come a long way since.

“It’s capable of really fast speeds. The tiny little glass strands that make up a fiber optic cable can transmit data very, very quickly and efficiently,” said Kathy Baugher, the Outside Plant Designer for Amplex Internet. 

Now it has 115 towers from North Bass Island to Findlay and Port Clinton to Grand Rapids.

It’s looking to expand even further, into Wood and Hancock counties.

“We have signed a development agreement with an electrical co-op that will allow us to build service throughout much of their territory. One of the most interesting areas is Kellys Island,” Radabaugh said. 

“We’re working like a lot of Wi-Fi projects for local towns and municipalities, where we’re bringing public Wi-Fi for parks. We have helped a lot of school districts in the area,” operations manager Ryan Hill said. 

The pandemic highlighted the need for having reliable internet access. From students to families now looking for a home office, Amplex says its expansion will help close the gap.

“COVID kinda changed everything and people are working from home. COVID’s kinda proved it works and there’s a whole lot of people who just have no intention of ever going back to the office or would prefer not to,” Radabaugh said. 

The big idea that started with phone lines in a basement is now looking toward the future with high-speed fiber lines connecting rural northwest Ohio.

Amplex Internet offers several different speeds and plans of fiber optic internet, but the team says most people are okay with getting the lowest cost plan. 

You can find more information about available plans on Amplex Internet’s website or you can call at 419-837-5015. 

A list of phone numbers for the area you may live in are listed here.



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