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Working from home has been increasingly popular since the outbreak of COVID-19. Remote work is a new experience full of challenges for many people. After all, most home offices lack the necessary equipment present at the workplace, making it difficult to adjust quickly to the new working environment.

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Getting Equipped Without Breaking Your Home Office Budget

This article will help remote workers—programmers, developers, designers, and entrepreneurs— create the best work-from-home setup, even if you have a tight budget. If you’re planning to spend between $200 and $1000, this guide offers the best value for you. We will help you choose the best:

  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Computers
  • Keyboard

Ready to set up a cost-efficient work-from-home setup in your home? 

Top Affordable Monitors for a Home Office

You can buy a monitor to pair with a computer or plug it into your laptop to go easy on your neck. The following are the best affordable monitors for remote workers on a budget.

Acer R Series 24″ Monitor

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This 23.8-inch monitor has an edge-to-edge slim bezel design to maximize display area. It comes with three media interfaces: High Definition Media Interface (HDMI), Digital Visual Interface (DVI), and Video Graphics Array (VGA). For this reason, this monitor gives you options if your computer (desktop or laptop) lacks one of the above media ports. 

You can easily adjust brightness in the settings to suit your eye-care needs. Acer R Series is a full HD monitor with a 1920 × 1080 resolution. 1080p is the standard resolution for most digital content, making the monitor a good fit for remote work. 


  • This monitor is affordable, making it an excellent fit for remote workers on a tight budget.
  • The monitor’s base design saves space on your working desk
  • Wide viewing angle (178 degrees) with vivid and constant color in any viewing angle


  • Acer R series lacks speakers available in monitors from other brands
  • The monitor’s height is not adjustable

BenQ 27″ Monitor 

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This 27-inch monitor comes with a 1080 resolution, excellent for most remote work like web development, photo editing, software development, and programming. This resolution is also suitable for watching movies and videos after a long work week. It has three media interfaces— HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort (DP)— to give you options if your computer lacks one of the ports. 

The monitor has an ultra-slim bezel to maximize the display area. It also has a patented eye-care technology to protect your eyes when using it. The technology automatically adjusts brightness depending on the ambient light in your home office.

BenQ monitor features a built-in camera, enabling you to attend remote video meetings without buying an external camera. In addition, it has a wide viewing angle (178 degrees) that ensures that you see the display’s content clearly at any angle. 


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