Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Apple employees to return to offices April 11, according to report – iMore


According to reports, Apple’s corporate U.S. employees will return to the office on April 11.

As tweeted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman:

Apple has battled with getting employees back to the office for some two years but has been met with multiple setbacks because of COVID. Most recently, Apple delayed its return indefinitely back in December. From that report:

Apple is once delaying its plan to bring corporate employees back into the office. This time, the company has no idea when it can do so.

NBC News’ Zoe Schiffer says that, in an internal email sent by Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company is delaying its plan to bring employees back into the office. While Apple had before shot for a return date in February of next year, Cook says that the return date is now “yet to be determined.”

At the time, Apple gave its corporate employees a $1,000 payout to spend on home office equipment. At the time it was reported that Apple hoped to give employees four weeks’ notice for their office return, so today’s announcement fits in with that timeline perfectly.

Earlier this week it emerged Apple was dropping its mask mandates for both corporate and retail employees. From Thursday:

The masks are coming off at Apple Retail and Corporate.

As reported by Bloomberg, Apple has begun to drop its mask requirements for both Apple Store and corporate employees. The company has reportedly informed its staff that it will begin to ease mask mandates for vaccinated employees in areas where COVID-19 cases are low and local mask mandates are being dropped.

Apple says that masks are now optional for corporate employees who are vaccinated and that some retail locations if cases are low and local mandates are removed, will now make masking optional for its Apple Store employees.


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