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The global pandemic clearly kickstarted The Great Resignation of 2021. Attorney attrition stemmed from burn-out, stress and re-thinking their careers.

The Great Resignation: Strategies for Reducing Attorney Turnover

Flexibility and wellness are critical, in fact for nearly two-thirds: 63% of job seekers called work-life balance a top priority (LinkedIn Global Talent Trends Report, 2022). Law firms were on of the first industries to pivot to meet the pandemic head on, addressing employee wellness and offering remote work options.

There are a number of strategies to attract and retain the top legal talent:

Re-Think Attorney Compensation & Benefits Packages

Carefully assess expectations and develop well defined compensation and benefits that meet the needs of each attorney’s needs.

  • Offer in-office and remote work perks such as free snacks, coffee, stipends for food delivery and home office equipment.

  • Clearly communicate job requirements and expectations by developing fully transparent advancement opportunities. Give lawyers a clear overview of the job requirements, expectations, education, experience, compensation and benefits.

Create a Collaborative Work Environment

Attorney burnout results from high workloads and isolation. Mitigate turnover and strengthen relationships internally and externally by creating a more collaborative work environment.

Collaborative exchange is the backbone of the firm’s ability to innovate and perform—

  • Instill a work environment that encourages interdepartmental collaboration that engages your staff.

  • Invest in tech to empower attorneys with flexible work that foments cross-departmental communication and strengths client relationships.

  • Celebrate diversity, inclusion, and cross-cultural collaboration.

Mitigate Attrition: Identify Candidates that Align with The Firm’s Values

  • Identify candidates whose values and career goals best align with your firm’s.

  • Address and update the firm’s values to attract the right talent pool that reflects the new normal in the workplace.

  • Rethink work-life balance with remote or hybrid work options.

  • Pay and benefits considerations for a more meaningful role in the firm.

  • Health and safety concerns.

Insights —

Law firms must proactively manage ineffective and antiquated ways of doing business and put in place innovative practices that resonate with the new normal business climate.

“Don’t just put yourself out there, consider if leaving the firm is the best option. Not sure, talk with a legal advisor who will help you decide the way forward in these challenging times.” — Shari Davidson, President On Balance Search Consultants.

Source: Winning back your workers — McKinsey Global Survey, Aug 2021


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