Friday Feb 03, 2023

Best Office Chairs For 2023, According To Pros: Top 5 Seats Most Recommended In Expert Reviews – Study Finds


Chances are, you are reading this article sitting down. Whether at home or at the office (or at the home office), the majority of Americans today lead sedentary lives, sitting for over six hours a day, despite the well-known health risks of this lifestyle. With so much time spent on our backsides, it’s crucial to minimize the adverse effects of excessive sitting by making sure we get enough moderate to intense exercise – and use the best office chairs.

For those working from home, the right office chair is especially important. Without professional office equipment, a concerning percentage of Americans working remotely experience physical pain at the end of their workday. “Those of us at home are experiencing the physical pain associated with being relegated to less-than-ideal makeshift home offices, whether it’s headaches from long days staring at a screen or back aches from an uncomfortable desk chair,” says Brett Henige of GSK Consumer Healthcare.

But there’s hope: “Small, simple adjustments like a desk chair with lumbar support or blue light glasses can make a huge difference in maximizing your work-from-home setup,” Henige adds. In addition to good lumbar support, a good office chair also has to provide the right height. Your kitchen chair, however, probably offers neither, which will likely result in lower back pain.  

Now, before you quit your job due to the health risks of sitting, here is the good news: Sitting down to work is healthier than sitting down to relax. “How you spend your time outside of work may matter more when it comes to heart health,” says Keith M. Diaz, assistant professor of behavioral medicine at Columbia University. “Even if you have a job that requires you to sit for long periods of time, replacing the time you spend sitting at home with strenuous exercise could reduce your risk of heart disease and death.” At least the sitting part of your job isn’t killing you…

But let’s get back to maximizing your comfort and productivity with the best office chair. Study Finds reviewed the results from 10 expert websites so you can easily find the best office chair for your needs. In addition to the list below, please also take a look at our list of Best Gaming Chairs.

The List: 5 Best Office Chairs, According To Experts

1. Steelcase Gesture

The overall winner for best office chair (and Wirecutter’s all-time favorite) is the Steelcase Gesture. While this chair isn’t exactly cheap, you get outstanding quality – including “exceptional material quality (Gear Patrol)”and comfort. For its fans at Wirecutter, “the Gesture has continued to be a favorite since we first recommended it in 2015. It’s one of the most comfortable, supportive, and durable office chairs we’ve ever tested: Everything, from the back support to the quality fabric to the dependable adjustment knobs, has stood the test of time.”

Its testers further praise how adjustable – “more ergonomic adjustability than nearly any other chair” (Gear Patrol) – and customizable this model is, which makes it a great …….


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