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Best small printers 2022: The best compact solutions from Canon, Epson and Brother – IT PRO


For professional users, printers can get a little on the large size. So what do you do if space is at a premium but you don’t want to skimp on print quality? Thankfully, there are plenty of quality options available across all budgets, and we’ve highlighted the best small printers we’ve seen in 2022 below for easy perusal.

No, smaller doesn’t necessarily have to mean inferior print quality, and all of the options on this page will do an admirable job of keeping up with your workload, despite their diminutive proportions. Priced between £60 and £275 excluding VAT, most of these not only print a good page in mono or colour but are good for light scanning and photocopying duties as well. 

To help you pick the right small printer for you, each entry below is accompanied by a chart detailing key details including print resolution, tray size, input tray, speed and, of course, physical dimensions to help you make an informed choice. If you want to read more, a link below each one will take you directly to a full review, so you can learn about the pros and cons in more depth.

What to look for in a small printer

When shopping for a small printer, size is obviously one of the biggest factors. If you’re working within the confines of a limited office space, you can’t afford to have a bulky behemoth of a printer, particularly if it’s not going to be used on a regular basis. One way to save space can be to look for a printer with as few additional features as possible; removing things like a scanner, ADF and display can allow manufacturers to squeeze machines into a more compact footprint without sacrificing quality.

Alternatively, you may wish to go down the opposite route – if you already have a separate scanner as part of your office equipment, opting for an MFP that combines scanning and printing functionality may allow you to save space by consolidating two machines into one. You may also want to look at a device with strong network or cloud connectivity, allowing you to print wirelessly. This will be particularly useful if the constraints of your workspace make it difficult to connect your PC to your printer with a cable.

You’ll also want to keep a close eye on quality, however, as there’s little point in a printer that doesn’t take up much space but also doesn’t deliver the results that it needs to. If you’re specifically looking for a machine with a minimal footprint, it’s probably not going to be used as a high-volume workhorse, but you should still make sure that quality and speeds are both up to the standards that you need.


Where should I put my small printer?

If your working area doesn’t have a lot of spare space, it can be difficult to work out where to put even the smallest of printers. However, while placing it within arm’s reach of the PC may seem like the most natural option, this might not actually be the best location. Most modern printers now come with wireless networking as standard, which means you’re not limited by cable routing, and placing it somewhere out of the way – such as on a shelf, or even tucked away in a …….


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