Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

Buy Side | The Best Home Gym Equipment for 2022, According to Fitness Pros – The Wall Street Journal


For more of us these days, the secret to getting the recommended 150 weekly minutes of moderate exercise is to sweat it out right in our basement or spare bedroom. “We all want the benefits that consistent training brings—strength gain, increased energy—but so many of us lead busy lives that make it difficult to find time to go to a gym,” says Connor Derrickson, a Fort Myers, Fla.-based performance coach with the Future personal training app. “Having training equipment at your home can help you establish a more consistent routine.”

These are the 11 must-haves our experts recommend to get the equivalent workout to the one you’d have in a health club or fitness studio—with zero commuting time.

Smooth-riding air bike

Assault Fitness

Assault Bike Elite

If you’re going to invest in only one piece of cardio equipment, go for a machine like an air bike or rower that works the entire body, Derrickson suggests. His go-to for home workouts is the Assault Bike Elite air or fan-style bike, which requires you to use your arms and legs to make the fan move. “I love it because you can get a great workout in a short amount of time,” says Derrickson. This steel-frame commercial-grade model is also a comfortable ride, he says, with a large, ultra padded seat, a removable windshield and 12-way adjustability on seat height. Most good air bikes come with an LCD console, but the Elite’s panel is next-level, connecting via Bluetooth with your smartphone or other tech and tracking distance, RPM, heart rate and time. This smart buy also includes a generous 10-year warranty on the frame, three years on parts and one year on labor.

Commercial-grade treadmill


Commercial 1750 Treadmill

For a treadmill that can take a pounding, try one made for health clubs, like NordicTrack’s Commercial 1750. “It’s worth investing in a model that is really well built because treadmill belts can wear out,” says Christi Pappas, a personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder in Commack, N.Y. “You also want a cushioned surface that won’t cause too much wear and tear on your joints.” In addition to its joint-friendly running surface, NordicTrack’s Commercial 1750 offers an incline and decline that automatically adjusts while you run to a 14-inch tilt HD touch screen, making it easy to follow guided workouts. The machine’s “ActivePulse” technology works with a heart rate monitor (not included) to not only track heart rate and blood pressure but also adjust the incline as you sweat to keep you in your optimal range.

Suspension Trainer

This deceptively simple system invented by a Navy SEAL can attach to any door jamb and give you a full-body workout. Pappas calls the TRX Suspension Trainer “a phenomenal piece of equipment” because, using just two straps, it taps your body weight to help you build strength, balance and flexibility—and get in …….

Source: https://www.wsj.com/buyside/wellness/best-home-gym-equipment-01660318809

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