Sunday Feb 05, 2023



The Crookston Housing and Economic Development Authority (CHEDA) met on Tuesday for a regular meeting at the Valley Technology Park.

After the Call to Order, the meeting began with the board approving their meeting minutes from their last meetings on July 12 and 25. The board approved the minutes unanimously.


The consent agenda included approving the EDA financials and the Crookston Jobs Loan Status and financials. It also included the approval of the B3 Grants and Financials, the Financials for Prairie Skyline, and the Financials for Epitome Energy. The board approved the payable bills, where they would pay for a total of $47,049.06. The final item on the Consent Agenda was to approve the Financials, Building Occupancy, and Expended Business Incubation of Valley Technology Park. The board approved the agenda unanimously.


The board heard from Administrative Assistant Theresa Tahran on a Public Housing Report, saying the occupancy at Oak Court Apartments was now at 94% and that they were trying to get a contractor for a unit that was offline for the HUD to commence some renovations.

They are looking to purchase a new security system and are scheduled to meet with several security companies.

Last week, there were two apartment fires, where one forced a tenant to live in a hotel for a few days. “We did have an apartment fire last Monday. Crookston Fire Department Chief Frober was very gracious and helped us get things lined up with the Red Cross, where the resident was able to stay at a local hotel for a couple of days,” said Tahran. “We got a cleaning company in, and we were able to get her back in her apartment by Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.”

Tahran said the residents would like to hold more gatherings like cookouts, game nights, or movie nights and looked to do a joint City Council-CHEDA event in September. Chairperson Klatt also supported this idea and proposed making annual events for them all at the beginning of summer.


Tahran said the Oak Park Apartments architect was getting ready to send out bid advertisements for the roofing and smoke detector project in the newspapers by the end of August and open bid offers by mid-September. Tahran gave an update on the voucher program report saying that they had given out 133 vouchers and were looking to increase the amount by five vouchers every two weeks.


Interim City Administrator Corky Reynolds said the housing project at 1603 Hoven Lane is complete, and the sale has been finalized. The only outstanding issue they had to discuss was the payment with the school, with a verbal agreement with former Superintendent Jeremy Olson saying that if there was a profit on the house, the school would get an additional $4,000. But, there was no profit on the sale of the house so there would be no gift to the school. He said he had explained this to Interim Superintendent Dave Kuehn, who understood the conditions, leaving CHEDA with $6,700 to go into their workforce funds.

Reynolds noted the school is not doing construction this year and CHEDA had a lot on Eickhof Boulevard that they had purchased from the city and needed to begin construction …….


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