Saturday Feb 04, 2023

Clark County’s 2022 business model: Here & There – The Columbian


“At this time, the majority of ZoomInfo’s employees are working from home, although our offices do remain open to vaccinated employees who wish to come in for any amount of time,” Rob Morse, communications manager at the Vancouver company, wrote in an email. “However, we have no current timeline for requiring their return to the office, even on a hybrid basis. We’ll continue to follow local, state, and federally recommended guidelines before setting our return-to-office plan.”

The company’s not alone. “At this point, I think we are going to stay remote,” said Jason Naumann, chief creative officer and one of the owners at GTMA.

Balancing needs

Other local companies already have embraced a hybrid model. United Grain Corp., for instance, has three groups of employees. It has a corporate office in downtown Vancouver, a facility at the Port of Vancouver where staff work 12-hour shifts, and longshoremen who load and unload grain.

The longshoremen and the employees at the port have to work on site. Both of the groups of employees have to report to a nurse’s station to check in before each shift and have their temperatures taken. This was one of the things United Grain added for employees during the pandemic.

An outbreak at the port facility early in the pandemic caused a shortage of staff needed for all of its shifts. That made the company more cautious, both for the health of its employees and for its business.


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