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Companies That Offer Remote Work From Home Jobs in 2022 –



Salesforce outlined its remote working policy way back in February 2021. There are three possible options. Firstly, what Salesforce dubbed “flex,” a hybrid approach where employees would come into the office one to three days a week to collaborate on projects, and work remotely the rest of the week. The second was fully remote, where employees who don’t live near a Salesforce site, or who don’t need to be physically in the office, are free to work from home indefinitely. Lastly, working in the office four to five days a week.

President of Salesforce, Brent Hyder, said that the traditional nine to five was “dead” and that the employee experience was more than “ping pong and snacks.”


If anyone could make a remote work policy actually work, you’d think it would be web conferencing platform Zoom. The pandemic boosted the company into the stratosphere, when suddenly it had the one thing everyone wanted.

In January 2022, the company announced that going forward, employees would be free to work fully remote, hybrid, or in the office.


The social media platform was quick to set its remote working policy in stone, just six months into the pandemic. Essentially, the company is happy for you to work from anywhere, at home, in the office, or anywhere in between.


Shopify is very open to remote workers – in fact it actively encourages them. On the companies recruiting page it makes clear that it promotes flexible working for the mental wellbeing of its employees.

In addition, Shopify is happy for staff to work abroad for 90 days of the year, as part of its Destination90 program.


Fintech company Revolut revealed in early 2021 that it was moving to a permanent remote working set up. In addition, the firm is happy for staff to work abroad, 60 days a year.


It must have been music to employees’ ears when Spotify told its 6,000+ strong workforce that they were free to work from home or in the office should they choose. The choice is really up to the individual.

The company stated that it was looking to maintain the “perfect balance of flexibility, employment security, and job fulfilment.”

Companies That Won’t Let You Work Remotely From Home

Before you get too cozy in your pajamas, beware. There are some companies that aren’t too keen on the idea of employees working from home. If you want a remote job, you’re going to want to avoid these.


If you’ve ever thought of becoming part of Elon Musk’s empire, then you might need to get your shoes on and leave the house. Musk has fiercely fought against the hybrid working trend, to the point where he demanded that Tesla staff who want to work remotely must be in the office at least 40 hours per week. Those that didn’t were told to depart Tesla.

In fact, back in July the company began tracking staff attendance, with those that don’t turn up receiving automated emails shaming them.


In stark contract with rival Microsoft, Apple has been feuding with its staff publicly in 2022, trying to get them back into the office. It has had several false starts and is currently demanding that Apple employees return to the office for a mandatory three days a week.

However, the …….


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