Friday Dec 02, 2022

COVID-19’s end is still far off, so we must adjust – Warren Tribune Chronicle



While many — if not most — companies have returned to in-person office work once again, some companies have chosen not to do so. There are some big names setting the standard for that.

Apple this week announced it will delay its workers returning to the office indefinitely, according to a shared email from CEO Tim Cook. He also said the company will be giving corporate and retail employees $1,000 to buy equipment for their home offices to better allow them to work from home. Apple has as well reinstated a mask mandate in all of its U.S. stores.

Meanwhile, Google, Lyft, Uber and Amazon also have pushed back reopening dates as well, with Google and Facebook offering their employees $1,000 in work-from-home expenses for equipment.

With concerns about the Omicron variant rising, it may not be a bad idea for companies to take another look at the way they do business. Are there aspects of the job that can be tackled at home? Could a more flexible blend of in-person and work-from-home options be available to employees? Though it might not be convenient always, this may be the time to get creative in keeping employees safe, if the work allows for it.

So much of modern life revolves around the use of the internet and our smartphones. Perhaps some employers can use those tools to do more work from anywhere, and that especially means from home, if doing so will keep them safer during this pandemic.

We don’t seem to be as close to the finish line as we had hoped by this point. Employers whose on-site setup makes it safer for workers to stay home will have to acknowledge that and take whatever measures are necessary to adjust.

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