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DA’s Office releases update on prosecutions stemming from 2020 riots – Kenosha News


In the immediate aftermath of the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake on Aug. 23, 2020, many areas of Kenosha became a battleground for rioters and looters who left a wake of mass destruction in their paths.

Rioters and looters took to the streets of Kenosha on Monday night, Aug, 24, 2020, setting fires while vandalizing and stealing from multiple businesses throughout the area.

Terry Flores

But in the social media age, there wasn’t any shortage of video or other types of surveillance footage that recorded those who ran the streets that week with bad intentions.

A little more than 16 months have passed, and many of those identified by police or through other means have been charged, convicted and sentenced for their roles that week.

But the work continues for the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office.

Through last week, a total of 94 criminal cases had been filed, according to District Attorney Michael Graveley. Of those, 70 were for felony crimes, six involved juveniles and 18 were misdemeanor cases.

Among the felony counts, 56 were for burglary/looting, eight for some kind of “assaultive” behavior, two for destruction of an ATM and one for making a threat against the police and national guard.

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Eleven cases are currently in warrant status, with 29 that have pending court hearings coming up in 2022, Graveley said.

“The rough estimate is we’re about halfway done,” he said. “It’s been now more than a year. A couple things are really significant to me. These are 94 cases that have some kind of place on us, that other counties don’t have, that we wouldn’t have had in a different year.

“That’s a substantial number of additional cases to bring into the justice system into one year,” Graveley said “The other significant piece are the cases that are still unidentified. At this point, the Kenosha Police Department does not have new, active leads, so it’s time to ask the public for as much assistance as they can give.”

New website coming

To get this to the finish line, Graveley said a new website will be launched in January that will include all the pending cases, with photographs, more than 100, of those who have yet to be identified. Visitors to the site will be able to view all the photographs, and if they have information, a direct link will take them to the Kenosha Police Department Detective Bureau.

Graveley said the new website will remain open for “a couple months” to see what progress can be made on the unsolved cases. The website address will be released to the public when it’s ready to be launched, he said.

“We’ll see if it gets us anywhere, and we’ll try to share with some other locations and jurisdictions to see if that happens, too,” he said. “The Kenosha Police Department put some of this one their Facebook many months ago, but it’s time to get a fresh look at all these pictures, I think.”

Graveley said he and his office are determined to continue working these cases to hold those accountable for the destruction.

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