Friday Dec 02, 2022

Education Company Employees Overwhelmingly Prefer Remote Work. How Are Organizations Responding? – Market Brief – Education Week


The concept of the workplace has undergone sweeping changes since the onset of the pandemic more than two years ago.  

Education companies were forced to allow their employees to work remotely during the worst of the pandemic out of necessity. But even as health restrictions have lifted, many of those organizations have chosen to stick with environments that allow for remote work – and a new survey suggests that’s the way their workers, including relatively high-level employees, want it. 

Amid a shifting workforce culture – whether driven by the wave of employee departures that have come about through the “Great Resignation,” or a recent phenomenon known as quiet quitting, there’s been an increasing belief in many companies that being able to work from home contributes to work-life balance and mental health awareness. 

According to a new survey of 446 K-12 business officials published by EdWeek Market Brief, a vast majority of ed-tech employees prefer remote work over regularly coming into the office. 

Almost three-fourths of those surveyed prefer to work remotely as much as they want. One-fourth said they’d prefer some combination of hybrid work, with some days at home and some in the office. Only 3 percent said they would prefer working in the office most or all of the time. 

In fact, the survey also shows that remote work is already the norm in many organizations. Responses to a separate survey question showed that an overwhelming portion of education employees, 75 percent, say they’re already allowed to work remotely as much as they want. 

Only a small portion of employees say they’re currently working in hybrid or in-office jobs. For instance, just 3 percent say they work in the office 4-5 days a week. 

This survey, conducted this summer by the EdWeek Research Center and included in EdWeek Market Brief’s new State of the Industry report, suggests that the vast majority of employees in education organizations have grown accustomed to working from home, perhaps a signal to companies that it would be unrealistic to expect workers to return to the office full-time. 

Many of the employees surveyed are in relatively high positions in their company hierarchies: Eighty percent identified themselves as working in either executive or managerial positions. 

In a move to attract new talent, especially at a time when many workers are switching jobs, companies are offering remote options in place of roles that may have traditionally required staff to be in-office. 

Prior to the pandemic, ed-tech company GoGuardian had 238 employees, all based around the Los Angeles area, where its headquarters …….


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