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Everything You Need To Make Any Location A Highly Functional Office – Forbes


Whether you’re now working from home on a permanent or temporary basis, or you’re frequently forced to work from remote locations, you’ll need the right equipment to at your disposal to make remote working, well, work. With certain tools, you’ll be able to create a “mobile office” and continue to maintain a high level of productivity, better meet the demands of your job, be able to successfully juggle a wide range of tasks, communicate effectively, and maintain peak efficiency, all without having to be tethered to your desk.

With the right tech gear, you can set up your office virtually anywhere and be fully productive.


You’re about to discover 14 different types of tech gear that a remote worker will benefit from. Depending on what you do and your workflow, you might not need everything listed here, but having everything you do need at your fingertips in order to meet the demands of your job will greatly enhance your productivity whenever and wherever you need or want to work. If your home, a local Starbucks, airport lounge, airplane, hotel room, library, collaborative remote workspace, or even an outdoor park is a common workspace for you, the equipment listed here will help you create and setup an efficient and highly portable mobile office.

A Remote Worker Needs A Reliable Laptop Computer

At the core of every remote worker’s arsenal is a powerful laptop computer. When shopping for this essential tool, stick with what you already know and use elsewhere. For example, if your primary computer is a Windows PC, stick with a Windows PC laptop computer. If you’re already relying on an iMac or use an iPhone and/or iPad, invest in a MacBook Pro to ensure full compatibility.

The Latest MacBook Pro

All the latest MacBook Pro computers run using Apple’s proprietary and powerful M1 chip. This 14-inch model comes with 16GB RAM and 512GB of SSD storage, although different configurations are available. If you already use an iMac desktop computer, iPhone and/or iPad, a MacBook Pro laptop computer can be set up to automatically sync your data, documents and files with your other computers and devices via iCloud.

With a battery life up to 17 hours, this MacBook Pro will allow you to get your work done throughout the day and provide the computing power and convenience you need from a laptop computer that weighs just 3.5 pounds.

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Plenty Of Windows Computing Power For Working Remotely

This Dell laptop computer with its 13-inch display can be configured with any of three Intel Processor configurations. You can also choose a video card, the amount of RAM, and hard drive capacity that will meet your needs. With a starting price of $1,700, this versatile laptop computer runs the latest version of Windows 11 and offers the features and computing power that’ll keep you productive throughout your workday. The laptop weighs about 2.7 pounds and has a battery that’ll last up to 14 hours between charges.

A Portable SSD …….

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