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Featured Local Job: Caseworker 1- Ongoing –


Clarion County Children and Youth Services currently has an opening for a Caseworker 1- Ongoing.

POSITION: Caseworker 1-Ongoing, Full-Time, 80 hours per pay

DEPARTMENT: Children & Youth Services, Clarion, PA

PAY GRADE: $13.59/hour starting rate, Eligible for two 2.5% raises after completion of Foundations training and another 2.5% raise with promotion to Caseworker 2.

BENEFITS: Up to family coverage for health, dental, and vision insurance effective first of the month after the date of hire (employee pays 12.5% of the premium, the county pays 87.5%). $1,500 stipend if you do not need the county insurance. Life insurance coverage at no cost to employees. 5 Vacation days first year, 10 vacation days starting the second year, 3 personal days per year, 10 sick days per year, 13 paid holidays off. Enrollment in Clarion County’s Pension plan (vested after 5 years, eligible to retire at 55 with 20 years of service).

POSTING DATE: Monday, Januuary 10, 2022

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Monday, Januuary 24, 2022 at 4:00 PM.

QUALIFICATIONS: A bachelor’s degree which includes or is supplemented by successful completion of 12 college credits in sociology, social welfare, psychology, gerontology, criminal justice, or other related social sciences.

A County application and copy of your transcripts are required to be considered for the advertised vacancy.
Applications are available at:

To provide support to children and/or youth and families experiencing abuse, neglect, or other difficulties, and provide services, either directly or through service linkage, designed to improve family problem solving and coping strategies. An important aspect of this work is the employment of casework skills in obtaining essential information, counseling clients and family members, and help to utilize all available resources. As well, services must adhere to all agency policies and regulatory standards as established by law in such a manner as to prevent injury or risk. The population served shall be any Clarion County family whose child and/or children are at risk.


  1. Conducts intake or preliminary interviews to determine needs of individuals/families.
  2. Provides protective and supportive services for abused or neglected children.
  3. Review all information gathered by the Intake Department
  4. Advocates for and empowers children and families.
  5. Provides advocacy and assesses degree of risk to child.
  6. Develops and implements plans for children and families based on assessed needs. This may include but is not limited to family service plans, risk assessments, and safety assessments.
  7. Monitors services provided by contracted agencies.
  8. Continually assesses the adequacy of client services plans and revises, when necessary, to achieve goals and objectives.
  9. Works in a team setting. Schedules, plans, and at times leads team meetings.
  10. Provides for necessary arrangements according to individual’s/family needs; makes referrals/contacts to other community services/agencies as necessary.
  11. Assists individuals in arranging appointments for themselves and family members; and provides transportation if needed.
  12. Teaches clients home and budget management, childcare, and parenting skills; and assists with housing, employment, recreation and living arrangements, as required.
  13. Attends court hearings, testifies, and writes reports approximately every three months.
  14. Maintains regular contacts with individuals, families, and/or guardians through home and office or school visits as required …….


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