Friday Jun 02, 2023

Five things that can invalidate home insurance, from renovations to a key under the mat – This is Money


If you have home insurance, it’s important to know what everyday mishaps you are protected against, and what could potentially leave you without cover.

One in five claims made to insurers are rejected, according to the Association of British Insurers, often because of simple errors that make a policy invalid.

Customers could be wasting money on insurance they can’t use if they don’t take the right steps to secure their property and ensure they are sufficiently covered.

One in five claims made to insurers are rejected, and with average insurance claims coming to around £6,000 you could be left footing the expensive bill if your insurance isn’t up to date

With the summer holidays in full swing, more homes are emptying out as families jet off abroad for a much-needed break, leaving them exposed to unexpected accidents or opportunistic thieves. 

Currently, less than two-thirds of holidaymakers check that all their doors and windows are locked before jetting off, while less than a quarter set their burglar alarms before long trips away.

Not only could these simple checks leave you unprotected against intruders, you could be down £6,000 on average if you are forced to make a claim that is denied.

So, what are the most common actions that render home insurance useless? And, what precautions can you take to ensure your home and valuables are secure? 

This is Money asked the experts at Aviva what people can do to protect their homes. 

1.  Letting out your home as a holiday let

Before you let out your room or home as a holiday property, speak to your insurance provider to ensure you are fully covered, or to move to a more suitable insurance plan

One way that households could be invalidating their insurance is through letting out their home as a holiday let.

Whether they are letting out a room or listing their home on Airbnb, you could be leaving yourself at risk if something goes wrong. 

Some home insurance policies can cover you in this circumstance, especially if the home is only rented out occasionally – but policyholders might have to opt in and pay an additional fee. 

If someone is letting out their home the majority of the time, their home insurer may void their insurance in case of a claim because full-time holiday lets are required to have specific commercial insurance.

Before you let out your room or home, you should speak to your insurance provider to ensure you are fully covered, or to move to a more suitable insurance plan.

2. Leaving your home empty

This isn’t to say you can’t ever leave your home empty while you pop to the shops or head off to work.

But if a home is left empty for weeks or months, the owner could be left uncovered as most insurance policies will only cover a maximum period of around 30 days.

Some insurance policies can cover vacant properties for up to 60 days, but if you’re planning a long trip abroad, or are in the process of moving house, you may not be covered if the property suffers damages or a …….


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