Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

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They say that what truly makes or breaks a home at the end of the day is the furniture that’s placed into it. And that stands true for offices as well! The right kind of furniture can truly create the essence of an office, and not to mention boost the overall productivity of its employees as well. And since most of us are slowly moving out of our home offices, and into actual workspaces, the transition can be a complex and daunting one, especially since we grew so accustomed to working from the comforts of our homes. We’re back to dealing with nosy coworkers, office politics, and tedious commutes. Keeping our morale high, and motivation pumped up through an entire week can often be exhausting. But, I do believe the right collection of furniture designs, smartly placed in an office space can boost daily productivity, irrespective of whether one is working at home or in a corporate office. From Microsoft’s office pod that creates a private working space to a portable office desk + PC – the designs showcased here will make you look forward to work every morning, and you’ll be jumping out of bed, excited to get started!

1. Flowspace

Draped in gray felt, Flowspace comes with automated privacy panels that create a hybrid of a conventional desk and round pod. As currently conceptualized, each pod comes with its own desktop computer, desk, and stool. The desktop computer’s monitor spans almost the entire panel inside the pod, making it an ideal screen for heavy workloads and even presentations.

Why is it noteworthy?

The pod itself comes in two halves to combine and provide plenty of privacy amidst busy work zones. Whenever you want to get back to the WFH grind, Flowspace creates a temporary sanctuary for focus and deep work. With the so-called ‘new normal’ making its way around the globe, we’re all eager to have a little bit of both–the charm of working alone and the excitement of collaboration.

What we like

  • Automated privacy panels
  • Features an ideal screen for heavy workloads and even presentations

What we dislike

No complaints!

2. The Axis Stool

Designed to guarantee comfort and instantly increase concentration and physical fatigue, the Axis stool is, according to the designer, the first ergonomic stool created from sustainable materials. The stool is intended primarily for the demanding needs of a flexible office environment, for which, it is made lightweight and stackable – two essentials of a modern office where space comes for a premium.

Why is it noteworthy?

In addition to its ergonomic design, sustainability is at the Axis’s core. The seat is made from injection molding bio thermo-polymer, which makes it a biodegradable and recyclable seating unit for the greener offices of the future. To create more impact with little mechanical intervention, the entire stool – the base and the seat – are held together using a single screw. The convenient manufacturing makes it possible that the specially engineered seat on the top can tilt in any direction so the users don’t feel the pressure while leaning from one desk to another. The base and the seat are placed inches apart from each other to allow 360-degree tilting without friction between the two components.

What we like

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