Sunday Nov 27, 2022

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My motto used to be “have laptop, will travel.” I prided myself on being able to work anywhere:  on the floor of a crowded airport, at a rowdy bar, in the parking lot of a Walmart. My office was anywhere I had access to an outlet. My work gear was designed for portability, and I only brought along what I was willing to carry on my back. 

But when the pandemic hit, those days disappeared like a bad public WiFi signal. Without a commute or upcoming travel plans, my priorities shifted from ease and efficiency to comfort and stability. I invested in a good chair, created a designated workspace, and started caring about ergonomics. 

And now that I’ve adjusted to a completely optimized workspace, there’s no going back. Like an outdoor cat that was brought inside, I’ve developed a taste for store-bought food, and there’s no way I’m going out hunting for rodents again. I am more comfortable, have better posture, and am more focused because I’m not hunched over my laptop like a wretched creature damned for all eternity.

These desk accessories rescued me from becoming a desk gargoyle. My former self might judge me for becoming high-maintenance, but I’m too comfortable to care. Plus, what do gargoyles know, anyway?

Orthopedic chair cushion 

It turns out, sitting hunched over your laptop isn’t great for your posture. When I suddenly developed an affinity for Gothic cathedrals and started turning to stone, I decided it was time to take action. It’s embarrassing to admit how much I love this butt pillow that promotes proper spine alignment. But it was that or becoming a gargoyle, so here we are. 

ComfiLife Orthopedic Office Chair Cushion, $39.95

Yes, a butt pillow is the first item on this list.
Credit: ComfiLife/Amazon

Laptop stand 

Ergonomically, your screen should be at eye level. In the past, I used a pile of books under my laptop to prop it up, but eventually, I decided to invest in an actual laptop stand. This one is height adjustable, and takes up less real estate on my desk than an enormous pile of books. 

Rain Design iLevel2 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand, $54.99

Way better than a stack of books
Credit: Rain Design/Amazon

Ergonomic keyboard/mouse

With a laptop perched at eye-level, an external keyboard and mouse is necessary to achieve ergonomic harmony, which means hands at a neutral angle on your desk and your elbows at or below the level of your hands. The ideal ergonomic keyboards and mice are the ones that conform to your natural hand/wrist movement. This one has good reviews for its split design and quiet keys.

Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard, $124.06; slightly more with ergonomic mouse (for instance, the MX Ergo trackball or MX Vertical)

This keyboard is fully compatible with Windows and MacOS.
Credit: Logitech/Amazon

Keyboard/mouse wrist rest

All of this ergonomic gear can get expensive. But a great way to provide relief and support for your wrists …….


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