Friday Dec 02, 2022

Helping merchants reduce upfront costs and avoid logistical challenges – CNA


Merchants can install the Lalamove app on the Shopify App Store before placing a delivery order in only a few clicks – there’s no need for manual integration.

Merchants only need to select the date and time of pick-up on the app and let the drivers take over. Multiple orders can be grouped into one delivery with Lalamove’s multi-stop delivery function, which is powered by its route optimisation algorithm for greater efficiency and lower logistics costs.

In addition, merchants have a bird’s-eye view of every stage of the delivery process – from assigning a driver to delivery completion.

With the right integration, merchants can share Lalamove’s live tracking delivery status with their customers through the merchant’s own communication channels. Shopify merchants for instance, can share Lalamove’s live-order tracking link with their customers via SMS.

Lalamove can be a powerful tool in a merchant’s business strategy kit. Instead of having to present a fixed delivery cost to customers at the checkout page, merchants who are on the Shopify annual billing plan can use an approximation of the live Lalamove in-app price.

Explained Mr Lin: “This feature provides merchants with greater flexibility to quote Lalamove’s platform rate, which may give their customers a more favourable price than pre-determined delivery prices. The transparent delivery pricing also helps merchants reduce shopping cart abandonment.”

Merchants can also customise the percentage of the delivery fee paid by customers.

“A merchant with a new e-commerce business might choose to heavily discount the delivery cost as part of its opening promotions,” said Mr Lin.

Lalamove can help retailers transport a wide variety of goods. Its wide range of vehicle types – from two-wheelers to four –  accommodates everything from delicate flowers to bulky furniture. Mr Lin pointed out that Lalamove’s large fleet size also enables it to quickly match merchants’ orders with delivery partners, even during periods of high demand.

“During festive seasons, merchants often sell products that fall outside their normal operations, or sell products in large quantities,” he said. “In such situations, merchants can supplement their own fleet or choose larger vehicles that they do not own. We’ve delivered everything from food to home office equipment in larger vehicles. Lately, we’ve also observed an increase in temperature-sensitive specialty goods that use our refrigerated lorries.”


In an erratic business environment that is currently facing a manpower crunch, hiring vehicle operators can be difficult and costly – making many SME owners think twice about operating their own delivery fleet.

Added Mr Lin: “Recent Certificate of Entitlement prices have also been increasing, which will undoubtedly make business owners reconsider replacing or purchasing new vehicles. More importantly, in this uncertain post-pandemic climate of inflation and geopolitical volatility, large investments seem hard to swallow, especially when an alternative like Lalamove is available.”

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