Friday Dec 02, 2022

Hippo Home Insurance Review 2022 – Forbes Advisor – Forbes


Hippo provides all the standard types of homeowners insurance you need for solid protection. It also includes a smart-home monitoring kit and home maintenance check-up service with its basic home insurance policies.

Dwelling coverage: This pays to repair or rebuild your house if it’s damaged by a problem covered by the policy, like a fire or tornado.

Other structures coverage: If a structure that’s not attached to your home—a fence or shed, for instance—is damaged, this pays to fix or replace it.

Liability coverage: Liability home insurance pays for property damage and injuries you accidentally cause to others. The cost of your legal defense if you are sued over a covered incident is also covered.

Personal property coverage: This pays to replace or repair your personal items, such as furniture and clothes, if damaged by an incident listed in the policy.

Additional living expenses: Also called loss of use, additional living expenses coverage pays the costs of things like meals, hotels and pet boarding if you can’t live in your house after it’s damaged by a problem covered by the policy.

Hippo Smart Home: Hippo offers complimentary home monitoring systems to detect water leaks, carbon monoxide, smoke and motion to protect your home against potential loss. If you keep the devices activated, you earn a smart home discount on your insurance premium each year.

Hippo Home Care: Hippo customers get access to professionals who can answer your questions about home maintenance. From quick plumbing fixes to outdoor upkeep, you can connect with an expert via phone, video or email to talk through your problem.

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