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Home Office Essentials That Make You More Efficient – Men’s Journal


Today a laptop or tablet and a Wi-Fi network are all you need to stay connected to work. And while slapping a computer on any horizontal surface—from the kitchen island to the coffee table—will support a MacBook, working efficiently means setting up a space dedicated to the task. A home office is a nice luxury, but all you really need is a space large enough for a proper desk. Once you have that, it’s time to outfit it with equipment and accessories that will optimize getting the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

From lighting to ergonomics, just about everything around your desk can either provide a boost or act like an annoying time suck that saps energy and productivity. We’d argue the investment in better gear is worth it. The faster you get it done, the sooner you can get on with the rest of your (non-work) day—and isn’t that the biggest perk to working from home? It’s time to equip yourself with these key home office essentials.


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1. Harmati Rene Electric Adjustable Height Desk

While a standing desk is a cure-all, most studies agree mixing in some standing is healthier than sitting all day (and it also keeps your Apple Watch happy). This standing desk has everything you need without paying for bells and whistles. The dense, smooth, laminated wood top (23.5 x 47 inches) offers plenty of space for a laptop or a monitor with peripherals while leaving room for things like a notepad, desk lamp, and essential cup of coffee. The metal legs look clean and slide up and down (almost silently) from about 30 to 46 inches. A keypad remembers three heights for multiple users—and you can go from either standing or sitting with the push of a button.

[$229; harmati.com]

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2. West Elm Mid-Century Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table

If you’re lucky enough to have room for a coffee table in a home office, or you like splitting up the day in the living room, this design makes it easier to work from a couch. The 48-inch-long table has a 27-inch section that pops up to about 25-inches high—well above the height of a sofa—so you can tuck in your knees while using it. When the top moves, it reveals an 8-inch-deep cavity that’s perfect for stashing a tablet or clearing clutter. With the other side covered in marble, the look is as clean and handsome as it is useful.

[$899; westelm.com]

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3. Lume Cube Edge Light

Before the pandemic, a desk light really only needed to perform one job—flood the work surface with enough lumens to prevent eyestrain. Then video calls became the new norm, and that’s where this lamp shines. The 36-inch LED lamp clamps to the desktop with five points of articulation. That’s tall enough to crane over your keyboard while working, but it can also pivot to cast light on your face. Light intensity and color temperature controls enable you to customize the most flattering light during calls.

[$120; lumecube.com]

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4. Samsung The Freestyle Projector

A TV in a home office can be a good distraction or …….

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