Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Home Office Supplies For Digital Nomads – Travel Noire


Sure, working abroad is great. But transporting office supplies and equipment from one destination to the next is far from a good time.

To help, My Style Bags is a French company that specializes in travel bags and accessories — perfect for digital nomads working overseas.

For transporting smaller office supplies and devices, the Boston Weekend Traveler is an ideal choice. Each Weekend Traveler is made from quality linen and textured leather so not only is it soft, but durable as well. It also includes a pure cotton lining to keep your valuables free from knicks and scratches. Plus, its interior pocket and zip closure ensure your personal belongings are kept safe and secure at all time.

For transporting larger supplies such as laptops or screen monitors, the Trolley Boston is a steal. Also made from natural linen and textured leather, this 4-wheel travel bag with an extractable handle is perfect for easily manuevering through busy airports or crowded streets.

The best part about purchasing from My Style Bags is that you can request a custom monogram with your initials or name embroidered onto your bag so you can easily find your luggage at any airport baggage claim.


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