Friday Feb 03, 2023

Home offices are here to stay: How to create a space you enjoy – Detroit News


By Jeanine Matlow
 |  Special to The Detroit News

Having a dedicated home office space has become essential for many in recent years.   And since remote workers have become the new norm, they need to plan for a place to be productive in at home. Here are some tips from the pros who know how to get the job done — from a fashionable and functional perspective.  

Finding the right spot is a great place to start, says Amy Miller Weinstein, interior designer and owner of AMW Design Studio in Birmingham, who does not recommend the basement unless you have a walkout with windows. “The top of the house is light and bright and you can create a workspace with a view,” she says. “This will enhance your work experience and allow you to daydream and check the weather.”

Weinstein also likes to stay away from bedrooms or places your family gathers for meals. “Unless you live alone, try not to mix your main workspace with other activities,” she says.

The layout makes the space. “There is nothing better than a floor plan; it’s like a roadmap. You have to know which way the desk will face and how it’s going to flow,” says Weinstein who adds you should not have your back to the doorway. “Heads rotate. Just because your chair is not facing the window, your head can still turn 45 degrees and look outside.”

Knowing what you want beforehand should determine the end result. “You really have to understand how you like to work and what your needs are when creating a workspace in order for it to be functional,” she says.  

Some people prefer traditional desks, while others want L-shaped varieties. Weinstein likes a big surface for work whenever possible like an old school library table that lets you spread out. Built-in partners desks can be a great solution for a shared workspace.

Cabinets can stash equipment like shredders. Cord managers can hide wires when your desk is in the middle of the room. “Or, maybe your monitor lives behind you and your chair swivels,” she says. “Think of your chair as your little rolling cart that gets you to the printer.”

Excess bookshelves can become junk collectors for some, says Weinstein who likes to combine closed storage to conceal clutter with a few wall shelves for display. “You can style them to tell your story,” she says.  

Trays can help corral magazines and other materials. “There is less paper in the world than there used to be,” says Weinstein who relies on binders for client projects and more.

When asked what no home office should be without, she says a window. As for current trends, workstations near the kitchen and mudroom have become popular command centers for the household. Homework rooms that can be shared with a parent are also on the rise.

Decorating a workspace is a matter of personal taste and anyone …….


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