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I’ve been working from home since it was out of fashion. A dozen years ago my new company provided an office stipend which I used for a corner desk from Crate & Barrel. My next purchase was an over-sized, black leather desk chair that looked like something out of a mob movie. Fast forward to present day — and there are many elements worth thinking about when working from home. I’ve consulted with experts to uncover what those essentials are.

Furniture and office equipment are table stakes, but as we’ve discovered working from home can blur the lines between work and life. Creating boundaries to declare an end to the work day while making sure you have the environment to rest and recharge are critical. 

Home Office

The staple of any office is a desk which you can find with a wide ranging budget. My personal desk is the Jarvis mechanical sit and stand desk from Fully. If your preference is a sitting, Artifox’s White Oak desk is aesthetically pleasing and it’s designed to last for years. I think of their desks at the intersection of modern and minimalistic design, and quality sourced materials. They also have a number of unique accessories that complement the desk. At nearly $2,000 it’s on the high end, but you pay for what you get.

Artifox desk in White Oak


The most overlooked utility is the chair. If not ergonomically designed, your body will compensate which can lead to long-term strain. My initial benchmark was a chair that looked similar to one in the office because I assumed those were good enough. The market is also flooded with chairs that look deceivingly ergonomic, but in reality are not up to standards. I spoke to Teresa Bellingar, who holds a PhD in industrial engineering and is an expert in ergonomics and occupational safety at Haworth, one of the leading designers and manufacturers of office furniture in the world. Their designs are science-backed with university partnerships including Michigan State and Texas A&M.

“When you’re searching for the right chair, there are a number of things to keep in mind. First and foremost, find a chair with a comfortable seat that works for you. Good back and lumbar support will help keep the spine in the right shape. A recline mechanism will help with backrest tension. Adjustable seat depth and arm rests are also very important.”

Fern office chair by Haworth


While their flagship chair, Fern, hits the mark on all of those elements, Teresa explained that different chairs fit people differently. I’ve found the Fern to be incredibly comfortable and those in the market for a new chair can customize color and material for their preference. I really like how you can easily adjust the back tension which allows you to lean back in a controlled manner. The arm rests also move forward and inward which is convenient. It’s by far the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in. If you want to see it in action, YouTuber Marshall Fox published a great demonstration video.


I’m not an audio engineer, but hosting a podcast has helped me learn about sound quality. When on a Zoom call, the worst sound quality is when someone uses their external microphone from their computer — …….


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