Saturday Feb 04, 2023

How to Approach Your Home Office Upgrade – Legal Talk Network


Post-Covid, the work-from-home lifestyle has become a lot more permanent than many of us thought it would. With this shift, many are realizing their home office setup might need some tweaks to become an effective workspace. So, where to begin? Dennis and Tom talk about their own experiences, lay out ideas for approaching your upgrades, and recommend products for lighting, desks, chairs, monitors, sound equipment, and more.

Later, the rollout for Windows 11 sort of came along at a snail’s pace. Why? Dennis and Tom introduce a new segment – “Bug or Feature?” – to discuss whether Microsoft’s slower software release schedule is a good or bad thing for its users.

As always, stay tuned for the parting shots, that one tip, website, or observation that you can use the second the podcast ends.

Have a technology question for Dennis and Tom? Call their Tech Question Hotline at 720-441-6820 for the answers to your most burning tech questions.

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