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Remote internships offer flexibility in where—and often when—you do your work. With a remote internship, you can gain field experience while also weaving in a summer course to help you complete your degree. You may even be able to go on that summer trip you have been waiting for without having to take time off from your internship.

In this article, we explore how to find a remote internship and how to succeed in one.

What Is a Remote Internship?

A remote internship allows you to work online from any location with an internet connection. Like traditional internships, remote internships typically provide students with entry-level exposure to a particular industry and help them apply knowledge from their studies to the real world.

Remote internships typically last a few months, but this varies depending on the organization. Internships can be full or part time, paid or unpaid.

Interns take on independent and collaborative work to build their skills in time management, communication and organization. In a remote internship, you can expect to attend meetings through video conferencing and use communication and project management tools like Google Docs, Trello and Slack.

What Are the Benefits of a Remote Internship?

Many remote internships are project-based, allowing interns to complete their work on their own schedule. Instead of being in the office at predetermined times, these interns can work whenever they feel most comfortable and productive.

They can also choose their work environment each day or even work while traveling. This reduces transportation costs as well.

A remote internship can open the door to worldwide networking. Working with a remote workforce can expand your opportunities beyond state and national borders once it’s time to look for a full-time job.

Lastly, if you perform well in your remote internship, you may be eligible to transition to full-time employment. To reach this stage, you must take initiative in your work and establish strong relationships with your supervisors. At or near the end of your internship, ask your supervisors about full-time opportunities. Even if no positions are open, keep in touch with your supervisors so they can consider you for future roles.

Where Do I Find Remote Internships?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape of internships, moving many to the virtual space. Whether you’re looking for internships on job boards, on company websites or at career fairs, plenty of remote options should be available.

Attending Career Fairs

Career fairs are easily accessible to students, and colleges often hold these events both in person and virtually. Schools may even offer career fairs specifically for your major. Check your college’s website for career fair opportunities, and if you’re on campus, keep an eye out for posted signage.

Before you attend a career fair, make sure to prepare by:

  • Looking for a list of participating employers
  • Identifying and researching employers that interest you (and maybe a few that don’t)
  • Dressing for success and keeping a positive attitude to make a strong first impression
  • Following up about any remote internship opportunities

Browsing Employment Websites

Finding a remote internship can be as easy as looking online through employment websites such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn.



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