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How to set up a home office in 2022 –



We’ve all heard the saying: a messy environment means a messy mind.

Most home offices tend to be smaller and deliberately tucked away in areas of the house so you can keep all of your paperwork and clutter in one place. This means home workers are often contending with overcrowded desk space that make it difficult to keep organised.

Invest in sneaky storage solutions such as baskets, filing cabinets, and drawer dividers to organise your stationary and office items.

Alternatively, you could use cloud-based organisational software, like a free project management system, to store documents and information digitally.

Other simple tricks include using cable ties to make sure you don’t get any wires crossed (literally, and metaphorically).

Finally, try to carry out a weekly tidy-up of your deskspace. Preferably, this should be carried out at a time where you’re not as busy, such as Friday afternoons.

Should employers pay for home office equipment?

If you’re not self-employed, or you’re an employer, you might be wondering what responsibilities a manager has towards covering their workforce’s home working costs.

Health and safety legislation requires that employers follow legislation set out in the Health and Safety DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.

These stipulate that an employer must:

  • Undertake a workstation assessment for all “users” – that is those who use DSE as part of their daily work, continuously for an hour or more
  • Reduce risks, including making sure workers take breaks from DSE work and do something different
  • Provide an eye and eyesight test if a worker asks for one and provide suitable corrective appliances should a need be identified
  • Provide training and information for workers on health and safety in the office

Outside of this, there is no general legal obligation on employers to cover the costs of buying home working equipment.

However, if homeworking is to be a success, it is important for employees to have the equipment they need to perform their role.

Because of this, you might decide to choose to offer a WFH budget which employees can use to purchase equipment like display screens or chairs (just remember to ask for receipts).


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