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Hurricane season is nearly here and Verizon is ready – Verizon


NEW YORK – Hurricane season is right around the corner and Verizon’s response team is geared up and ready to keep communities and first responders connected when it matters most. 2022 is predicted to be another busy storm season, so teams of Verizon engineers have been actively preparing by running emergency drills, testing fiber and cell site readiness, and ensuring recovery equipment is in place. Verizon Frontline and the Verizon Frontline Response Team also stand ready to provide first responders who will be on the front lines of potential disaster response efforts with the mission-critical communications capabilities they’ll need.

“When storms come in, people depend on us – often at one of the worst moments of their lives,” said Kyle Malady, EVP and President, Global Networks and Technology. “We take that responsibility seriously and know the reliability of our network is paramount, both for those impacted by the storms and for the first responders who are there to help protect, serve and recover.”

Verizon’s networks are prepared to keep people connected

Recognized for reliability, Verizon’s extreme network is designed to withstand extreme weather and delivers superior service by including redundancy on critical paths and components to avoid a potential failure of a network component significantly affecting customers. The use of battery and generator backup systems in critical locations such as macro cell sites, switch locations and network operations centers also serves to minimize the risk of disruption if commercial power is lost. 100% of Verizon macro cell sites have backup battery power and 78% have backup generators. Verizon engineers have been preparing for the coming storms by ensuring fuel levels are high on all generators at cell sites, testing battery back-ups at network facilities, positioning extra equipment in case additional capacity is needed, and prepping emergency crews to respond quickly to any network issue.

In case emergency network recovery becomes necessary, Verizon is prepared to respond quickly. Verizon maintains a fleet of over 500 portable assets, including fully functional, generator-powered cells sites that can replace or enhance network coverage and capacity in a given area as well as drones and a fixed wing aircraft that can provide service from the sky above. Additionally, Verizon boasts an industry-leading 150 satellite based portable network assets that can be used in case fiber connection is lost due to loss of commercial power or physical damage. Those assets include mid-Earth orbit and geosynchronous assets. All of those mobile assets are complemented by nearly a thousand portable generators and a comprehensive refueling program.

Verizon Frontline is ready to support first responders

The Verizon Frontline Response Team stands ready to deploy in support of public safety agencies nationwide to ensure they have the mission-critical communications capabilities they need when responding to severe weather events. In 2021, the team deployed 84 times, to 13 states, in support of first responders on the front lines of hurricane response efforts.

Composed of former first responders and military veterans, the Verizon Frontline Response Team provides on-demand, emergency assistance during crisis situations to public safety agencies and emergency responders. The team is available 24/7 to deliver Verizon Frontline technologies including portable cell sites, drones, charging stations, WiFi hotspots, and other Verizon Frontline devices and solutions that enable communications and/or boost network performance.

Verizon Frontline is the advanced network and technology built for first responders – developed over nearly three decades of partnership with public safety officials and agencies on the front lines – to meet their unique and evolving needs.

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