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IKEA’s popular products list shows a shift toward comfort in 2021 – CTV News


Home office equipment was in high demand during the pandemic’s first wave as many transitioned to working from home.

But according to IKEA, this past year saw a trend toward making things more comfortable and flexible, as people continued to spend more hours in their abodes in these unprecedented times.

A list of some of Ikea’s most popular products in 2021, which the company shared with, shows how its shoppers stressed creature comforts over the practical and utilitarian.

  • Ergonomic pillows – sales increased 16 per cent (duvets and bedframes all saw sales increase)
  • Candles – Canadians bought more than 4 million candles this past year (123 per cent increase from last year)
  • Runnen patio tiles – a 135 per cent increase in sales (Canadians installed 2 million of them)
  • Applaro outdoor tables (sales doubled from last year)
  • Plants (Ficus) – (more than 233 per cent than last year)
  • Artificial plants like hanging eucalyptus (sold 6x than last year) and fiddle-leaf fig (more than 173 per cent than last year)
  • Desks, workspaces, home office furniture, storage, and organization products

“During the pandemic, we have seen how much people rely on their homes,” said Geoff Macdonald, chief financial officer at IKEA Canada, in a phone interview with

He said that the pandemic irrevocably changed the way people live and that also means the way they shop, with more Canadians investing in their kitchens, living rooms, and basements, to make sure the home experience is better.

The IKEA report suggests a shift in traditional shopping due to lockdowns, with 60 per cent of Canadians making changes to their homes in 2021, and 93 per cent believing that homes should provide a sense of comfort.


In a global supply chain disruption across all industries, IKEA Canada says it’s trying to ensure that the most popular products are available on their shelves.

“What we’ve done is focus on those goods that are most popular amongst Canadians, and ensure that we get those goods on the shelves,” said Macdonald.

Interior design and decorating professional Tracy Laqua said the supply chain delays meant delays in finding items ordered by her clients.

“We try very hard to recommend items that are available in a very reasonable amount of time so clients do not have to wait for the items they are expecting,” said Laqua, project manager and owner of Hamilton-based in-ex-teriors design firm, in a phone interview.

Laqua added that a huge demand has been for items that keep homes organized. Products related to storage and organization like draw organizers in homes were becoming more popular.

According to Laqua, after 2020, people spent more time in their homes for an extended period and it became easier for them to take a closer look and recognize the things they would like to change – and how to put their current spaces to better use.

“In 2021 what we noticed is the greater desire for people to have access to home decor items,” she said. Laqua also saw an increase in the number of inquiries coming for interior decorating projects.


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