Friday Dec 02, 2022

Jasmine Roth’s Savvy Ideas For Creating The Ideal Home Office – House Digest


One of the ways in which Jasmine Roth adapted her home was by setting up a space that had all of the equipment and supplies she needed, per Cheat Sheet. Some of this may be just basic office equipment to do your job, while other items are specific to preventing strain and body aches that could come from working on a couch or at a dining room table. Writer Jordan Nottrodt of Too Many Adaptors suggests six basic items that can boost your productivity, which include noise-canceling headphones. Many companies are jumping in to help by subsidizing their employees’ purchases of necessary equipment like sit-stand desks and ergonomic office chairs, per CNBC.

Roth agrees that having a place for your files and things like a printer are key to being productive. No one wants to have to constantly scramble around for the items that used to be stored in your company workspace and now are scattered all over the house. 


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