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Just Listed: Stone Harbor New Construction Oceanfront House for Sale – Philadelphia magazine



Lucky you! You get to break in this just-completed, super-chic modernist palace designed by the best architectural firm working at the Shore. That is, if you buy it.

It should be immediately evident just from its street elevation that this finely crafted oceanfront house at 8808 1st Ave., Stone Harbor, NJ 08242, is a cut above your run-of-the-mill modernist Shore house. And yet it looks so modest at the same time. | Cape May County MLS images via Compass

Those of you who have followed my featured Shore listings know that I have mad respect for Mark Asher, the architect who has taken the traditional vernacular architecture of the Jersey Shore and updated it for modern times.

But, as you may also know from recent listings like that beachfront house being sold by the slice in the other town on Seven Mile Island, the firm he founded is now called Asher Slaunwhite Architects.

The name change reflects the elevation of architect Deborah Slaunwhite, who joined the firm in 2008, to partner in 2016. Slaunwhite works in a more frankly modernist vein than Asher, and this Stone Harbor new construction oceanfront house for sale is one of her creations.

It should be evident right off the start that Slaunwhite pays as much attention to getting the details right as Asher does. This beauty may present a simple, deceptively modest face to the street, but as you explore inside it, you will see that there’s nothing simple at all about its super-sleek, super-cool modern elegance.

You will find throughout this house examples large and small of Mies van der Rohe’s maxim — “God is in the details” — on display.

Entrance hall

We can start small(ish) with the entrance hall, graced by deftly placed wall sconces and a floating staircase of wood, metal and glass that connects all three levels of this upside-down house.

Guest bedroom

Another example found on the main floor is this guest bedroom, an example of balance and symmetry so perfect it put me in a Zen-like state just viewing it.

Living room

Bookshelves and TV mount in living room

And the living room next to the pool offers another example of perfect symmetry in its bookshelves and TV mount, with modern chandeliers providing the framing.

Main living area

On the second floor you will find one of the grand examples, namely,  its spacious and totally open main living area. With a huge batten-board cathedral ceiling, a gas fireplace and room to display large works of art, the living-dining area has all the elements of a truly impressive space.

Main living area and deck

View from deck

Equally impressive is the view one gets from its outdoor deck, taking in both the serene pool and hot tub in the backyard and the dunes and beach just beyond.


The kitchen is so deftly designed — again, with perfect balance — that I’m not even going to bother talking about its equipment. Just rest assured that it’s top flight. However, …….


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