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Legal Implications Of The Hybrid Work Model (Video) – Employee Rights/ Labour Relations – Canada –


A hybrid work model has become the reality for many workplaces,
but with this shifting landscape of work comes a series of legal
considerations. After the COVID-19 pandemic changed the shape of many
workplaces, flexible work arrangements have become the new
normal, bringing with them many issues to consider. How should changes to
terms of employment be handled? What can be done to ensure
equitable treatment of employees with protected needs? These key
questions and more were addressed on May 18, 2022 through a virtual
conversation, Legal implications for your Hybrid Workplace.

Maddie Axelrod, a partner in BLG’s Labour
& Employment group, and Melissa Eldridge, counsel in the Labour &
Employment group, led the event. Part of the L&E breakfast club
series, they discussed key legal considerations of the hybrid and
remote work models before answering questions from the virtual

Workplaces look different now than they have in years past, but
taking these legal implications into account will ensure that new
hybrid and remote work models operate effectively for everyone.
Reach out to Maddie Axelrod, Melissa Eldridge or the BLG Labour & Employment group if you have
further questions about the legal considerations for hybrid


Read the full conversation here.

Rob Weir

Good morning everybody. Welcome to the L&E breakfast club,
Legal Implications for your Hybrid Workplace. My name is Rob Weir
and I’m a partner in the group. It gives me great pleasure to
welcome you, wherever you are today – in your office, at your home,
or on the park bench. We decided that we would model a hybrid
workplace today for everybody. I’m at home, Maddie’s in the
office and Melissa is in the office.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Maddie and Melissa, who
are going to be your presenters today. Many of you know Maddie,
Maddie became a partner in the L&E group earlier this year.
We’re super proud of Maddie and happy to have her with us.

We’re happy to introduce Melissa Eldridge, who is our newest
lawyer. Melissa has been practicing as a labour and employment
lawyer for over 11 years. She worked at the beginning of her career
for another national law firm and then for the last seven years
worked in house at one of our major clients. Melissa practices,
like Maddie, in all areas of labour, employment and educational
law. It’s great to welcome Melissa to our group and to BLG and
to introduce all of you to Melissa. And so without further ado
I’m going to turn it over to Melissa and Maddie. And Melissa,
go ahead.

Melissa Eldridge

Thank you very much Rob and good morning everyone. Maddie and I
are pleased to be here this morning. We have just about an hour
together and our goal is to leave some time at the end of our
presentation to answer any questions you may have. The agenda is
packed today but we will be as efficient as possible.

We see, and we have heard from Rob, that the hybrid workplace is
our new reality and so as part of the agenda today, I will be
tackling the first three topics: handling changes to terms of
employment; overseeing employee attendance, working hours and
overtime; and understanding employee mental health and wellbeing
strategies. Maddie will then share her expertise on the last three
topics: ensuring equitable treatment of employees with protected
needs; complying with confidentiality, …….


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