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Jared Mensing officially began his
business in October of 2021. Starting with one skid steer loader, his
company now owns two excavators as well as a smaller excavator, two dump trucks and various other construction
equipment. Mensing is shown, above, in his
office of a building he
recently purchased.


‘Just Do It’ may be the tagline most associated with a famous footwear company, but it is also the advice Jared Mensing received from his father, Neal, when the younger Mensing was considering starting a construction company.

Although Jared is now the owner of Mensing Construction, it is not the path he envisioned for himself when he graduated from Blue Earth Area High School in 2016. In fact, the road to owning his own company took many years to travel.

“After I graduated from BEA I went to school for ag production,” Mensing shares. “I found out I really did not like school and so I took a year off.”

When Mensing states he took a year off, he is referring to taking time off from school.

“I worked for Tim Blagg and helped demo and clean up buildings,” he explains.

When he did go back to school, Mensing studied architecture.

“I ended up interning at a custom-home builder in Mankato,” Mensing says. “I worked in the office doing drafting and design and found out I really did not like being behind a desk.”

He decided to trade his desk job for a chance to work on site framing houses, doing trim work and installing windows.

The next stop on his journey was getting a job with Holtmeier Construction.

Based in Mankato, Mensing notes Holtmeier is a heavy construction contractor who has a solid reputation for the work they do and the way they go about doing it.

“Joe (Holtmeier) was good to work for,”

Mensing comments. “He reminds his employees to be considerate and to realize they are inconveniencing people when they have to dig up their yard during street construction so be sure to be understanding, polite and respectful.”

Working for Holtmeier brought Mensing back to his hometown for awhile.

“I was the pipe layer for the Sailor Street Project in Blue Earth a few years ago,” he notes.

Mensing worked for Holtmeier until October of 2021 and then went out on his own.

“I started with a skid-steer loader doing side jobs on weekends,” he says.

However, his business has grown a bit since last October.

His fleet of construction equipment now consists of two full-size excavators, one mini excavator, a bulldozer, two dump trucks, two skid steer loaders and a lowboy semi-trailer to transport his large pieces of machinery. Mensing also is equipped with various other pieces of equipment, such as packers he needs to complete the work he is hired to do.

His business is based in Blue Earth.

“I purchased the former John Deere building, where Detke-Morbac was located, from Bob Weerts,” Mensing explains. “Although the majority of my jobs have been in the Mankato area, it was hard to find an available building. …….


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