Sunday Dec 04, 2022

“Millennial Pink,” Subway Tile, Tufted Headboards, And 36 Other Polarizing Home Design Trends Of The 2000s (Ranked From Worst To Best) – BuzzFeed


I sort of can’t believe these are my #1 pick, but after a lot of thinking and debating, I truly think that stainless steel appliances are the most timeless, objectively-stunning home design trend to come out of the 2000s. They look good in any kitchen, no matter what finishes you’re working with, and they offer a touch of luxury even if you’re not trying to spend a small fortune on your kitchen. 

Here’s my ultimate tip here: Just invest in a really good stainless steel cleaner; this one is my fave. Don’t try to use that multi-purpose cleaning spray on stainless steel. It’ll look streaky and bad, and I promise that stainless steel-specific cleaner you bought will last a whole lot longer than you’d think.


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