Saturday Jan 28, 2023

OOO Until TBD? Majority of Canadian Office Workers Want Remote Work to Stay – Canada NewsWire

  • Half of Canadian office workers say working mostly/entirely remote is their ideal scenario; only one-quarter prefer mostly/entirely in office
  • Ability to work remotely and flexible work hours are now more important to office workers than workplace culture, development/growth opportunities and in-office perks
  • Two-in-five say they would look for another job if mandated to return to office full-time, while more than half would be less likely to accept a job with a new employer if they mandated full-time in-office work
  • Only half of Canadian office workers had returned before Omicron; one-third say Omicron shifted them back to working exclusively from home/remotely and led to short term delays in employer’s return-to-office plans

TORONTO, March 10, 2022 /CNW/ – As the COVID-19 pandemic marks its second anniversary, half of Canadian office workers have yet to return to their cubicles or corner offices – and many hope that’s the case for good. Only one-in-eight (12%) say that working entirely at their physical workplace is their ideal working scenario moving forward, and more than two-in-five (43%) Canadian office workers say they would be likely to look for a new job if their current employer mandated they return to the office full time.

The findings of the Amazon Business Return to Office Report, a survey of nearly 1,600 Canadian office workers conducted among members of the online Angus Reid Forum on behalf of Amazon Business, showed that only half of Canadian office workers that had shifted to remote work due to the pandemic had returned to working from their office before the Omicron wave struck in late 2021. One-third (31%) of those that had returned said Omicron sent them back to working exclusively from home/remotely, while another 29% said it increased the amount of time they worked away from the office.

“It’s clear that the role that the physical office plays in the day-to-day work and satisfaction of employees has changed dramatically during the pandemic. We’re not going back to how things were before, and businesses need to adjust to the many operational realities that come with that,” says Nick Georgijev, Country Manager for Amazon Business Canada. “Canadian employers will need to consider not just how and when to bring their employees back to the office, but if they should… and how to set that talent up for success from anywhere if they don’t return entirely.”

Impact of In-Office Expectations on Talent Retention and Attraction

Expectations around in-office versus remote are likely to play a big factor in the ability of Canadian employers to keep their best employees happy, and how they bring top talent aboard to fill new roles.

According to the Report, nearly three-in-five (57%) Canadian office workers say they would prefer to either split their time equally between in-office and remote (27%) or work mostly remotely (3+ days per week – 30%). Convincing those workers to change their mind could prove costly, as those polled say salary increases, more flexible work hours, more vacation and better benefits are the top four incentives that would entice them to return to working in-office full time.

Replacing those workers could be even more challenging, as more than half (55%) say they would be less likely to accept a job with a new employer if the company mandated full-time work from the office. In fact, flexible work hours and the ability to work remotely were amongst the top five important factors Canadian office workers look for …….


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