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Optimize workspaces with the best video conferencing equipment for 2022 (Sponsored) – EU-Startups


A few short years ago video conferencing was only available in select meeting rooms, it was a high-level tech innovation that was limited and seen as a bonus, not an essential. Offices were filled with spaces for conference calls and local collaboration – a phone in the middle of the table, and microphones strewn about. Meeting rooms were frequently overbooked and frustrating to use and there was always that confusion of getting the wires right, problems with screen sharing and the classic ‘can you hear me?”. 

Today, things are different. As hybrid work becomes the norm, every space has the potential to become a meeting room. That includes your kitchen table, your desk at home, a meeting room in the office, or anywhere you are on the go. The need for video conferencing equipment is vast with 98% of knowledge workers saying remote participants will be part of their meetings going forward.

Amidst this era of  digital transformation, connecting team members with high-quality video conferencing is more important than ever and so is your choice of video conferencing equipment.

Here, in collaboration with Webex, we take a look at the best connectivity tools to boost your video conferencing experiences. 

Empowering Remote Working

Home offices aren’t the only variable to consider when outfitting your remote workers. The ways in which individuals work and collaborate differ too. Some prefer to co-create; others work almost entirely through constant communication; and still, others like to plug-in, concentrate, and dive into focus work.

Different work styles require different types of collaboration capabilities. By first identifying the capabilities that different teams need, it’s easier to determine the right devices for efficient and effective team collaboration across your organization. For example, collaborators need to have all-in-one collaboration devices so they can switch between video-conferencing, co-creation and focus work.  Those in communication-based teams need to have tools like phones and headsets prioritized.

The best all-in-one video conferencing equipment for remote collaborators should allow workers to:

  • Meet face-to-face with high-quality audio and video
  • Limit meeting distractions with advanced noise removal and virtual background capabilities
  • Seamlessly co-create and collaborate with coworkers
  • Easily switch between messaging, calling, and meetings
  • Access and edit whiteboards before, during, and after a meeting
  • Join any meeting service including Webex, Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams

Because every home office is unique, you’ll want to avoid devices that may take up too much space. Options like the Webex Desk Mini are perfect in this case – giving a top combination of compact size and impressive power. 

Video conferencing at the desk

The desk is where employees spend most of their time in the office. . Too often, though, they are switching between an array of devices and applications to collaborate and get work done. This is where seamless integration capabilities earn their weight in gold. For effective workplaces, employees need collaboration tools that seamlessly integrate into their workflow, offering the same experience no matter where and how they collaborate. This helps remove points of friction that can slow productivity throughout the workday.

When considering video …….


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