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Our 22 favorite desk accessories for a more organized and comfy workplace – Ars Technica


Enlarge / Your home office can always use some sprucing up, especially when it’s your main place of work.

Corey Gaskin

Recently, I’ve gotten really into ergonomics. Since the pandemic—and after a spate of injuries from poor posture, bad habits, and a general lack of body awareness—the importance of a comfortable workspace has become clear. At times, painfully so.

Beyond the ergonomics of an office setup, some desk accessories can also make life easier and more organized. So, with the gift-giving season just around the corner, Ars has put together a few tested office accessories that can make day-to-day work more comfortable and less anxiety-inducing.

If you’re just creating your own home office for the first time or looking for some great replacements/upgrades, meanwhile, make sure to check out our Ultimate Home Office Setup Guide.

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For your hands and wrists

  • Gimars’ keyboard and mouse wrist rests come together in a pack. They combine memory foam and gel to create a “floating on air” feeling for your wrists.

    Corey Gaskin

  • The Lycra fabric is breathable and soft, which prevents irritation from friction or sweat.

    Corey Gaskin

  • Razer’s Gigantus v2, with lots of accessories on top.

Gimars Wrist Rest ($16)

Wrist rests are so common in home offices that they’re often integrated into a keyboard tray’s design. If you’re working on a setup that doesn’t already have such accommodations, you’ll be delighted with the ergonomic improvements of a wrist rest.

A good wrist rest provides cushioned support to help mitigate the awkward and often uneven hand position of typing and mousing. The materials on Gimars’ wrist rests are what make them stand out. The memory foam and gel combination gives your wrists a “floating on air” feeling, and the Lycra fabric covering is soft and breathable. Gimars has managed to integrate both memory foam and gel to great effect, seemingly in the perfect proportions to be at once soft and supportive.

The combination of suppleness, support, and sweat-wicking is what makes the Gimars wrist rest a winner. Other rests can be too soft, too hard, or weirdly shaped. Some even have strange chemical odors. This one falls perfectly in the Goldilocks zone: …….


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