Sunday Feb 05, 2023

Police Blotter: Church Allows Man To Charge His Phone As Long As He Keeps The Area Clean; People Making Themselves At Home In The Closed Airport Inn – The Chattanoogan


Police saw a man in the doorway of Olivet Baptist Church,  740 E. Martin Luther King Boulevard, which was closed. Police spoke with the man and later identified him. He said he was just charging his phone and the pastor allowed this as long as he kept the property clean.

* * *

The night clerk at the Microtel Inn & Suites, 7014 McCutcheon Road, told police he had a guest that was causing problems, but that the guest had agreed to leave. The guest left while police were on scene.

* * *

Police observed a black Ford Fusion backed in next to the pavilion at Boulevard Park, 4801 Divine Ave. Police found this to be suspicious due to the time of morning (5:43 a.m.) and a high number of stolen vehicles recovered around that area. The officer noticed a black male sleeping in the vehicle. Police approached the vehicle and also noticed a white female in the passenger seat. Police asked the man if he had any identification, to which he responded he did not. Police attempted to get the tag off the vehicle and observed that it had a temporary tag. The officer then asked the man if he had any kind of paperwork for the vehicle and he said he did not, that he was “borrowing” the car. Police began to suspect the vehicle may be stolen and requested the driver open his door. At this point, he took off at a high rate of speed through the residential area, without his lights on. Police will be attempting to identify the man. It was found that the property he was on is a city park, which means the park was closed at the time of the interaction.

* * *

A woman on W. Bell Avenue told police that sometime during the night someone entered her unlocked 2022 Toyota Corolla and stole her change, two charms and two music CDs. She requested patrol of the alleyway, as she and the neighbors have been seeing suspicious people
prowling in the alleyway. The residence was added to the Watch List.

* * *

A man told police that one day last week, he lost his phone at the Community Kitchen, 727 E. 11th St. He said he thinks he threw it out when he emptied his trash at the Kitchen. The man could not tell police the brand or anything else about the phone, except it is “assurance” (insurance).

* * *

Police observed a vehicle partially in the roadway on 7th Avenue. Through further investigation, it was determined that the vehicle had been reported stolen from InTown Suites, 5730 Lee Hwy. The vehicle was removed from NCIC as stolen and the owner was notified via phone. The vehicle was towed from the scene via Shackleford Towing.

* * *

A man on Portland Street told police that someone had taken approximately $360 cash from his shirt pocket. The man told police that while he was in Bridgeport, Ala. he had picked up a black female and a black male from a gas station to give them a ride to Chattanooga. He said that once he and the two arrived in Chattanooga, the woman exited the vehicle and began walking south. As the woman began walking south, the man grabbed the cash from his front shirt pocket. He said  that at no point was he threatened by either of them, the man just simply took the money from his pocket and fled south also. The man was described to be wearing all black and the woman …….


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