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Professional dialogue leasing platform, sharing the smart it steward, showing his skills, and opening the era of it intelligence in Daas – EqualOcean


Jun 16, 2022 04:10 PM (GMT+8)
· EqualOcean

In recent years, with repeated epidemics, many enterprises have generated the demand for a large number of employees to work at home and remotely. For enterprise operators, large-scale procurement of IT equipment may cause waste or loss. The form of office equipment leasing can effectively reduce the operation and maintenance cost of enterprises.
Recently, Lenovo Baixiang’s IT equipment leasing business was officially launched, which is the industry’s first equipment leasing mode with intelligent IT operation and maintenance. It enables the original equipment leasing with intelligent and professional services, improves the leasing service experience, and provides many enterprise users with new and better solutions.
At present, the IT equipment leasing business of Lenovo Baixiang has been open to the vast number of leasing platforms. Through the way of strong alliance, while helping the leasing platform improve the platform construction and improve the management ability of leasing equipment, it also allows small and medium-sized enterprise customers to experience the application results of digital transformation in the equipment leasing industry faster, improves the enthusiasm of small and medium-sized enterprises for digital transformation, and opens the era of it intelligence of DAAS.
The repeated normalization of the epidemic and the uncertainty of business prospects have gradually led to the asset light mode. Nowadays, not only small and medium-sized enterprises, but also many large multinational companies are adopting the asset light operation mode. Early selection of smart it leasing services that save time, worry and money will enable enterprises to enjoy the convenience it brings to their operations earlier, help enterprises reduce their burden and maintain their dominant position in the market competition.


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