Saturday Feb 04, 2023

Returning to the office? Here are 22 must-have items to take with you – CNN Underscored


At this point, returning to the office may mean you have to really think about what it means to actually work there. This means considering your commute, what to wear, what to bring with you and how to make sure you’re comfortable being there all day — let alone figuring out how to make small talk again.

Some of us are eager to separate work and home, while many of us are still super hesitant, but regardless, the transition will likely come at some point, and we want to make sure you’re prepared either way. From portable coffee mugs to comfortable shoes and desk accessories, we’ve rounded up what we think are the best back-to-work office essentials. Check out our work wardrobe essentials too.

Touchland Power Mist ($9;

Nowadays, so many hand sanitizers reek of alcohol or are super drying. If you want to avoid both of those issues, try out the Touchland Power Mist. This sanitizer sprays as a mist in the most adorably designed pouch, in an array of scents that smell as good as (if not better than) your fave body mists and candles. Buy a couple to store in your work bag, car, desk and wherever else you need to sanitize.

We seriously don’t know where we’d be without our emotional support water bottle — you know, your prized water bottle that you carry from room to room. We think the Yeti Rambler should be your next buy, a bottle we rated as the best overall water bottle.

W&P Porter Mug (starting at $25;

Now that you have your hydration covered, don’t forget you need something to carry your coffee, tea or smoothie each morning, especially if you don’t have the luxury of enjoying it from the comfort of your home. We’ve long loved the W&P Porter Mug, not only for the stunning color options but also for its ceramic interior with protective silicone sleeve that’s soft on your hands and spillproof.

Add some cuteness to your desk décor with this ambient potato light from Smoko. Plus, it uses a rechargeable battery so you can prop it up on a shelf and save your outlets for other, more important gadgets.

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