Friday Jun 02, 2023

Rice County Sheriff’s Department donates equipment to support Ukraine; It’s National Volunteer Week; Hospital Auxiliary closes book fair donations early –


The Rice County Sheriff’s Office announced yesterday that they are joining with the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association and sheriff’s offices all over the state in donating bulletproof vests and helmets to help and support the people of Ukraine.  

Statewide, more than 900 bulletproof vests, 75 helmets and four shields have been collected from Minnesota law enforcement agencies in just a few days. 

The donated items have specific care instructions and expiration dates outlined and recommended by the manufacturer. Although these items are past their expiration dates for use with the sheriff’s department, they are still capable of providing protection and will help the people of Ukraine, who are currently fighting an invasion by Russia.  

Rice County Sheriff Jesse Thomas said, normally, an expired vest is sent to the county landfill for proper disposal. He sees this as an opportunity to offer support to people who need help.  

“If we have items that can protect war victims in Ukraine then we should do what we can to help out. When our ballistic body armor expires, we usually take it to the landfill and witness it get buried in the pile of garbage. The donation of our items didn’t cost us anything and it kept them out of the landfill.” 

The Sheriff’s Department donated four standard ballistic vests and one tactical ballistic vest. 

The Minnesota Sheriff’s Association has developed a personal contact connected to Ukraine that will ensure the donated items go immediately to those in need. 


National Volunteer Week brings opportunities to serve 

National Volunteer week began on Sunday. Over the next few days people are encouraged to find a volunteering opportunity for a day, or for one project, or for an ongoing commitment to an organization or a cause. 

Nonprofits rely on volunteers to help accomplish the day-to-day work that must be done, and to meet their overarching goals. According to Volunteer Solutions, an international organization that offers volunteer opportunities worldwide, volunteering can benefit the volunteer as much as the cause or organization they work with. It’s a chance to make a difference with something meaningful to that person. It builds self-esteem and helps to give a better understanding of social responsibility. Volunteering can be an opportunity to gain first-hand work experience and can enhance and supplement an education. 

Those who are new to Northfield, or who would like to enhance their relationships within the area are encouraged to find the right volunteer opportunity, because volunteering helps to build community by inserting the volunteer right in the middle of things. 

Carrie Carroll, the Executive Director of the local community foundation Northfield Shares, said that her organization encourages volunteering as a fundamental piece of their mission, and to that end, they operate the Volunteer Hub on their website, which posts opportunities from all over the city.</…….


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