Friday Dec 02, 2022

RS Recommends: 11 Back-to-Office Essentials to Refresh Your In-Person Workspace – Rolling Stone


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A year after we all packed up our desks and adjusted to working from home, more and more businesses are opening up their offices — soon, you too might be making the trek back to your abandoned, dust-covered cubicle.

According to a recent report, a majority of employers in New York anticipate at least half of their employees will be back in the office by late March. While your return-to-office plans may vary, and the idea of what a “workplace” is might involve alternating office time and time spent on your couch for the near future, you should think about stocking up on some essentials before you go back to in-person work.

In fact, LendingTree found that some workers are planning to spend around $700 on purchases including new clothing, shoes, accessories and office decor. You certainly don’t need to shell out your entire paycheck on a whole new wardrobe and supplies, but as you leave your home and return to the office, it might be time for a workspace facelift. Organization and cleanliness should be at the front of your mind too, now that you’re interacting with coworkers on the daily again.

Whether you want to reimagine your entire office space, keep your cubicle germ free, or just update a few old desk items after a long year away, we’ve got the best back-to-work essentials so you’ll be totally prepared when the time comes. From UV phone sanitizers, to ergonomic seat cushions, don’t worry about being uncomfortable back in your office again — that’s what the Sunday Scaries are for.

1. Laptop Dock


If your office hasn’t made the jump to go fully remote yet, and you’re still on a hybrid work schedule commuting back and forth (aka, shlepping your laptop back and forth), then there’s nothing more useful than getting yourself a laptop dock. A laptop dock will not only give you the ability to still use a powerful monitor setup, it’ll also save you precious desk space.

We like Brydge’s MacBook Vertical Dock, which has a sleek and easy-to-use design, that opens up essential space while keep you connected. Simply slide your MacBook into the form-fitting dock for seamless dual-display capabilities. For any desktop, home media center or conference room, the dock connections to most Thunderbolt 3-equipped MacBooks through two USB-C ports at a full 40Gbs. It also has additional vents to keep more air circulating and prevent your laptop from overheating.

Brydge MacBook Vertical Dock

2. Business Cards


Coming back to work means back to networking. Whether at the water cooler, or during conference meetings, you’ll likely be interacting with a few new hires face-to-face. Introduce yourself to the newbies, or reacquaint yourself with old employees with some distinguished, classy business cards — Vistaprint has some of our favorites, with customizable, industry-specific templates that …….


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